Sunday, 14 June 2015

One Minute Gaming #53 - Cooped Up

Cooped Up
This week, I've been playing a silly jumping game called Cooped Up. You play a bird on a wire and you have to jump to higher wires to catch worms and flying bugs. That's the easy bit though - there are other birds on the wires and you have to avoid them but don't take too long to jump up as there are other birds below you too and if they catch up to you, you have to start over.

The wires are actually more like elastic and the controls are based on that. You swipe down to twang the wire and make your bird jump. You can ping gently and off center to make you bird move sideways on the same level or ping it harder to make him jump up a level.

If you time it right, you can also ping in the middle to jump over a bird on the same level as you but be careful, you have to get that exactly right or you will land on them and die.

After a couple of hours playing, my high score is still only 20 something - it's frustrating but challenging and the sound effects make me giggle. The graphics are fun - weird little birds and great big fat ones as well as caterpillars and bugs to catch.

I think kids would love this game although if they get frustrated easily, you may want to wrap your phone in bubblewrap because it will get thrown!

I'd give Cooped Up a 6 out of 10, purely based on it's frustration factor. The rest is great though!

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So until next time, have fun!


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