My Micropoems Collection

Let Your Mind Fly Free
As the name implies, micropoetry is a very short form poem, usually 140 or 160 characters depending whether it is a tweet form or a text message form. I stumbled into them via twitter and it caught my imagination. It's been years since I wrote much poetry but once I found the site and did some reading, my brain kind of started writing poems on its' own!

I wrote a post about it when I first found these micropoems so if you want to have a peek at that to get more info your can follow this link to Micropoetry - A New Version of an Ancient Artform.

Rather than do a post for each poem, I thought I'd collect some of them here. Most will be the weekly word theme that organise on Twitter (@pssms) but some come unbidden so will be more general topics.

You can also find my micropoetry page on if you'd like to see more.

My own drums
My own dance
The world doesn’t hear
Or understand your fear
so dance, just dance.

And I Was Freed
That night we danced from dusk til dawn,
etched on my mind for ever more.
Like a master, playing my puppet strings
you taught me to dance til my soul grew wings

Dance (theme word #black)
the beats flow
in the black night
moving in the glow
of myriad lights
lost in the rhythm
just feels so right

City Nights (theme word #light)
City nights Street Body heat Hypnotic beat Eyes entranced The lovers danced

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