Thursday, 11 June 2015

One Minute Gaming #52 - Slice It!

This week, I've been playing a puzzle game called Slice It. Amarochi on Twitter recommended a game called Slice which I couldn't find so John, I hope this is the one you meant!

The basic idea is that you have to divide a shape into a set number of equal parts using a set number of lines. So for example, on the first level you are given a square and told you have 1 line to cut the shape into 2 equal parts. Obviously that is pretty simple but later on, the shapes get more complicated and the number of pieces and lines you are set also increase.

You are given a number of stars between 1 & 5 depending on how equal your pieces are but if you leave any extra bits or don't use up all the lines you need to use, you will fail the level.

It's a very simple idea that gets difficult fairly quickly but I'd imagine it could be great for teaching kids about basic shapes, dividing areas and hopefully, patience! There's no timer so you can take as long as you want and one little bonus is that the background is like graph paper so you can even count the squares to approximate your areas.

I like Slice It - it's a great little game for filling a spare 5 minutes here and there so I'd give it an 8 out of 10.

If you have a game you'd like to suggest, you can contact me on Twitter @NevAHAddict or leave a comment below.

So until next time - have fun!


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