Monday, 24 February 2014

Nev's One Minute Gaming - Jetpack Joyride

Hello and welcome to the first One Minute Gaming post, a new series of posts to review free ipad games in one minute or so. You can find audio versions of each post on Soundcloud.

This week,  I’ve been playing Jetpack Joyride - an endless runner platform that has you collecting coins and various vehicles and knocking down scientists whilst avoiding lasers, electric fences and missiles.

The graphics are pretty good and the touchscreen for control makes a world of difference from the old joystick days but don’t twitch at the wrong time or you’ll be dead!

There’s a spin the wheel bonus screen once you collect spin tokens and as always with free apps, there’s a shop to spend your coins in or your real life money.

So far, I haven’t been tempted to spend real cash but as it starts you from the beginning every time, I can see that buying a quick revive might prove attractive soon.

You can get 3000 free coins by following them on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook but I'm determined not to be suckered in by the need for coins - I do not need to upgrade his pants or sweatshirt! lol

There are some missions available but you complete those as you do the main endless run stuff - although they seem easy enough at these low levels, I'm sure they'll get tougher later on.

What I love is the profile stats - I’ve been zapped, toasted and exploded so far and I’ve travelled 214 metres on my face! I’ve also found 17 different vehicles - some of which I still haven’t worked out!

Overall, I’d give this game a 7 out of 10. Good graphics, fairly good gameplay but just a little bit too repetitive for truly addicting gameplay!

If you have a game you’d like to suggest, let me know here in the comments or you can poke me on Twitter @nevahaddict.



  1. Ooh that's cool Nev! Gosh you are one busy lady!

    1. Thanks hon - but I'm not really that busy - just very unfocussed and skitting around a lot. Hoping to settle down a bit after my trip though - then we'll see what turns up! lol