Saturday, 9 March 2013

This Week So Far - Patch 5.2 & Stuff

In my last post I said I'd be concentrating on my Warrior this week which I did & I actually got my Shado-Pan & August Celestials reputation grinds started too. Then Patch 5.2 hit on Wednesday & I seem to have lost 2 days!

So I finally made level 90 on my Warrior & basically swore that she was never seeing the light of day again. But I need Spirits of Harmony for blacksmith crafting so I have actually done some Tillers dailies on her. I'm hoping to get to a full farm in the next few days so she can grow her own Motes of Harmony. With the new Work Orders on the farm, I'll probably grind some reputations that way for her too as I really didn't enjoy playing her at all!

I also dug out my recently dinged DK to get the Tillers dailies done for the farm too. I'm not planning on abandoning her though but I do need to find some nerves of steel from somewhere & attempt to tank a dungeon or two! Once I've done a few, I'll decide whether to flip her back to Frost spec or stay as Blood.

And then there's my poor Retribution Paladin - oh my gosh, she still feels a bit squishy & when I finally got over to the new Thunder Isle dailies, I was back to ghost running regularly. I did enjoy running around as a Saurok & the jump is fun too but it did get me in trouble once or twice! So between the Shado-Pan, August Celestials, 2 lots of Tillers dailies & the new Thunder Isle dailies, I've not been doing much else in game!

I didn't even get all the dailies finished as I was sidetracked by the pet battle XP discussion on Twitter. I jumped over to my Rogue & managed to get almost to level 86 on her just by pet battling in Stormwind before I had to give up & actually sleep! By the time I logged in the next morning, a hotfix had been applied so I guess she's off back to her farm until I get bored enough to level her to 90!

My To-Do list for this week is very short again - do more dailies! I figure that if I can get all the factions upto Exalted on my Paladin, it will be easier to get any reputations for crafting recipes on my other alts but also, I'll be able to stop worrying about doing the dailies & focus better on any other stuff I want to do later.

I may have to do some more Pet Battles though - I quite enjoyed them again the other night & there are more & more discussions going on about how to level them quickly & efficiently. The lure of all those achievement points may prove great enough to distract me from Dailies but we'll have to see how that goes!


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