Sunday, 3 March 2013

Planning Ahead - The Never Ending Story!

So I left my Warrior at 89.62% last night because it was getting silly late but I'm planning on pushing to 90 today if it kills me! My Paladin already has the Klaxxi reputation so at this point in time, my Warrior is earning double reputation & is halfway to Revered already. I got all excited when she made it to Honored because she is my Blacksmith & I wanted the BS recipes. One thing I hadn't checked though - buying the recipes requires Kyparite Ore, not Spirits of Harmony as I thought.

Having sold a bunch of Kyparite Ore just a day or two beforehand, I'm sure you can imagine what colour the air turned around here! But what's the use of having loads of gold if you don't use it? So off I went to the Auction House on my banker - not only to buy some Kyparite Ore but also to see which of the recipes to buy. Foiled again! Only a few pieces of Kyparite Ore on the Auction House & not enough to even buy one recipe! I guess I'm just going to have to pick up what I can over the next day or two. As for the recipes, again there were very few items on the AH so I'm going to use The Undermine Journal today to see what's what.

Once this girlie hits 90, I have some decisions to make though. I still have a Priest, Hunter & Rogue sitting at 85 & waiting patiently to be leveled up but I'm also acutely aware that I'm slacking on my reputation grinds. I started both the Shado-Pan & August Celestials this week but I haven't done them every day. I haven't been back to Krasarang Wilds for the Shieldwall Offensive dailies either.I also want to get some pet battling done & scenarios on the DK for some gear for her. I'm pretty sure I won't be playing the Warrior in any serious way any time soon so I'm not too worried about gearing her up at all.

My Paladin is just 1 point away from being eligible for LFR but I haven't been trying that hard to gear her up. I'm not that sure I want to as I still don't feel happy with her DPS. But if I don't gear her up & focus on rotations, gems, etc, how will she ever get better? I guess I just have to 'stick with the knitting' as an old tutor of mine used to say - stop jumping around all my alts & just concentrate on getting 1 good one.

The side benefit of focusing on just the Paladin & getting the reps done is the accumulation of Valor Points. Yes, I know the Patch 5.2 is supposed to hit this week so I've left it far too late yet again but she's still wearing greens in some slots! Another benefit will be that once I get these 3 done, I think that will be my 45 Reputations achievement too. A project for the backburner is to go back to the Cataclysm zones & get all those reputations done - I think I only have one of those at Exalted so finishing those will give me 50 Exalted Reps (and maybe some mounts too!).

So my in-game to-do list for this coming week is very short - Get the Warrior to 90 & do all the dailies on my Paladin. The rest of it is just going to have to wait!


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  1. Wait up - kyparite is a currency for BS recipes!!??! *SPRINTS TO AUCTION HOUSE TO CANCEL AUCTIONS*