Friday, 13 June 2014

One Minute Gaming #14 - Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2
This week, I've been playing Temple Run 2 - it's an endless runner type game with an Indiana Jones feel. You are Guy Dangerous, a rough & ready looking fellow and you start off running along the top of a broad wall with a huge gorilla chasing you. You swipe up to jump, down to slide on your back and left or right to turn quickly.

So far, I've fallen off edges, drowned, been eaten by the gorilla so many times I've lost count, splatted on a wooden mangle type thing and caught in a flame thrower trap to name just a few of my precarious endings. I also have a tendency to jump when I should duck which doesn't help!

As always with these free games, you can use real money to buy gems which allow you to purchase power-ups - but so far, I haven't been tempted. There are objectives & challenges to complete which help you level up and reward you with extra coins or even gems.

The graphics are pretty good & I have to say, I love the humor on the scoreboard each time you die. It just drips sarcasm but makes me smile almost every time!

I'd give Temple Run an 8 out of 10 - just fast enough game play to be challenging but not impossible, good graphics and some humor too. Not bad at all!

If you have a game you'd like me to try, you can contact me on Twitter @Nevahaddict or perhaps, leave a comment below :)

So until next time - have fun!


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