Monday, 4 November 2013

Too Many Projects!

I posted my Rogue Week entry last week which was very late but I still have Shaman, Warlock & Warrior Weeks to do in the Alt Appreciation Weeks project and now it's November & Jojo over at Admiring Azeroth has taken over the reins of IntPiPoMo (International Picture Post Month) which is the visual version of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month?).

Suddenly I have so much to write about but I'm away from home for another week with no WoW access which makes it pretty tough to do the whole screenshot thing! Not to mention I do actually have a story idea that I wanted to develop & I was going to use NaNoWriMo as my impetus although that was the plan before my trip dates were finalised! I don't get home until 11th November so I'll be very late even getting started!

I started a baby Shaman just before I came away, with the intention of leveling her for the whole week so I'd have something to write about for Shaman Week - I didn't manage to get that done so that's something else for when I get home again. She's a dwarf as I don't have any dwarven characters & my first ever Shammy was a dwarf. She didn't survive one of my alt culls but hopefully this one will!

I also have a joint project with Cold of Cold's Gold Factory that we started in late September but we hit a few glitches which are just about fixed finally but it means that project is 'Go' again too! Once we get it going properly, I'll probably bore you silly with it here too - I'm really looking forward to getting that going strong!

With all that is currently on my to-do list though, something has to give somewhere and I don't want it to be WoW. I know it sounds silly to say I don't want to give up my game time to do more 'real' stuffs but as I have 2 blogs relating to WoW & my joint project with Cold is kind of WoW related too - it's fairly central to getting those other things done. Of course, if family, work or health was dictating my priorities, it would be totally different but until then, WoW stays!

You may also have noticed a total lack of Blizzcon enthusiasm from me, either here or twitter. Basically everyone counting down to Blizzcon is counting down to the end of my stay here with my fella so I'm trying desperately to ignore it! I don't even want to think about going home. The only things I'm really missing is my PC & my Mum. Oh and the notebook full of post ideas I left on the desk by mistake of course! Hence the random posts & weird timings at the moment :P

Back to normal next week though - time to catch up with Alt Weeks & get going on some screenshots stuff, not to mention all the stuff at work I thought I'd got done early but will undoubtedly have piled up anyway!

Have a great week everyone


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