Tuesday, 19 November 2013

IntPiPoMo #1

IntPiPoMo #1
Ok, guess who didn't find the energy to level her baby Shaman the other day? Yup, me! I got sidetracked when looking for heirlooms in my alt banks for her though so I was full of good intentions! Instead I decided to level my baby Pandaren Monk so I could get out of the starting zone, chose a faction & actually GET TO A MAILBOX! I sent a bunch of stuff to her when I started her way back at the start of Mists & I have a horrible feeling it all bounced back to my equally abandoned Druid & has probably been deleted by now.

Not having leveled any Pandaren alts yet - you can imagine my surprise when I took the quest to ride in the balloon. At first I wasn't sure what I was seeing as I have to have my settings down pretty low. But sure enough - there's the Giant Turtle straight out of the Terry Pratchett Discworld books if I remember correctly. I loved the Turtle ships in Northrend too - I may have to visit just to get some screenies to add to this collection! In fact, I've just had inspiration for a theme for my month - pretty sure I can get 50 shots too!

Be back soon - gone shooting!


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  1. Awesome pic!! I still need to start my IntPiPoMo... oretty bad for ther person organising it this year - must try harder...