Sunday, 26 July 2015

Feeling Good About WoW Again

Beautiful Meadow, Somewhere in Draenor
This morning, I woke up really early yet again and after catching up on my overnight Twitter feed, I really didn't feel like doing anything work-ish so I logged into WoW with the intention of just doing my Garrison stuff.

That was well over 3 hours ago and I've only just about managed to tear myself away. Not only is my gold making coming along nicely but my Garrisons and followers are leveling up and my guild is slowly coming back to life. A big chunk of that three hours included chatting to the newest member of my guild, Clarky from Twitter. We've been friends on bnet for a while but now he's come to join us on my server so it's even easier to chat.

Amarochi from Twitter has also joined us and there's another who's leveling a baby alt to join us shortly. I've also heard from an old guildie on Facebook that he's resubbing next week and that really made my day! He and I go back almost to the very start of my WoW adventures and he's been there for me in some of my darkest times. Not that unusual of a story but considering he was only 16 at the time and I'm easily old enough to be his Mom, it's a friendship I cherish even if some may think it a bit weird!

In other news, I've started my DK on her journey to garrison life - leveling in blood spec is fantastic! Yes, my DPS might be lower but as I don't spend any time running back from the graveyard, it feels much better. She's virtually indestructible - so far anyway!

I also got my first profession to 700 this morning - not Leatherworking on my main as you might expect but Fishing! How sad am I? Even more sadness about that though - I didn't do more than 2 fishing dailies so I've basically done it the long, slow way but I have a bag full of stuff to use for Alchemy on my Hunter or to sell on the Auction House. It's an easy profession to level while spending time chatting to friends in game and I was playing Mini Warriors on my iPad at the same time too so it didn't take that long!

Max Level Fishing - 1st WoW Profession done!
Another great thing is that I finally got the mission to get my Selfie camera - yes, I know I kind of ranted against the selfie camera when it first came out but that was because my Twitter feed exploded with so many pictures. It's all calmed down now though and I don't intend tweeting them. I'll probably use a few here if I remember to use it!

The best thing about this morning though is that even though I've logged off, I do feel like I got something done today. OK, it may only be a game but I've been in a bit of a funk and been going through my days like a barely functioning zombie. Today, I got something done and I'm blasting through this post and I have a gazillion other things I want to do and I feel like I can do them all right now! It's been a long while since I felt this buzzed about anything so thank you WoW, you gone & done it again for me!

Have a great day everyone xxx

PS: If you play on EU servers and fancy joining us, just drop me a comment here or over on Twitter @Nevahaddict - we're not raiding or anything, pretty much just social for now but if we get enough people, we can do anything! :)


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