Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Multiple Identities Get Confusing!

Multiple Identities Get Confusing! - Blaugust Day 4

I was scanning down my friends list on Facebook today when it suddenly hit me that I don't actually know who half of those people are! If you've been involved with the Internet for any length of time, you probably have multiple identities and multiple groups of people that you've interacted with over time but do you know people by their real names or their online community name?

I first got access to the internet in 1998 and as we sat there on that first evening, we didn't actually know quite what to do with it! It was full 56k dial-up too so everything took forever but I found Ask Jeeves I think it was, and typed in Genealogy. That opened up a year or more of intense research and was my first online identity. If you follow any of my photography stuff, you may have seen Gala98 pop up. I kept that handle for a long while and when I started in microstock in 2005, I continued to use it.

So my microstock friends on FB know me as Gala98. Then I became involved with Etsy and needed a clever name for my photography shop there. I also intended selling various other stuff so it became Arty Allsorts and I still have friends who call me Arty! That was also my first introduction to blogging, Twitter, Flickr and various other networking sites.

Then I got stuck into World of Warcraft which brought me two new identities, basically because I was blogging about gold making and didn't want people to link my WoW character name with my gold making blog Auction House Addict. You guys reading this know me as Nev who was actually my banker for a while but I regularly delete my bankers to throw off any competitors who have 'found me out'. I chose Nev for my 'new' gaming Twitter account and it has kind of stuck!

Inside WoW, I'm Lyss to my friends and guildies even when I'm playing my other alts. There's also a few variations of Lyss & Nev around in other games I've tried. Nev is usually taken or too short so it becomes NevToo and most recently, I've put the two together to become Nev Lyssana in Skyforge! Feel free to add me if you're playing by the way.

So back to my Facebook friends list - the most confusing ones are the Etsy ladies - we all called each other by our shop names so now, 5 years later when I haven't been around Etsy so much, I've forgotten who's who. They've also changed their avatar pictures too and many have gone on to their own sites, started creating other stuff or just stopped the Etsy thing all together so effectively, I have a bunch of strangers on my timeline!

It's not so hard with guildies but some Twitter/WoW friends I've added are confusing too. I never used to have this problem so maybe I'm just getting old or my identities are multiplying too fast! So if I call you Jack and your name is John - be pleased that at least I got the first letter right ok? lol

How many identities do you have online? How do you keep them straight in your head?


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Monday, 3 August 2015

Movies Unseen

Blaugust Day 3 - Movies Unseen

It's getting late in the day and I'm already half asleep so I'm going to be a bit lazy today and pick up a writing prompt from Jaedia over at Dragons and Whimsy. She wrote her Blaugust post about movies she hasn't seen yet and as I often hear the same "you haven't seen that yet!" comments as she mentions, I thought I'd list a few movies that people seem to think I should have seen.

Top of the list is Saving Private Ryan, followed closely by The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. I also haven't seen Hannibal or Frozen and I'm not sure I've seen all of the Star Wars movies yet either! Another classic I haven't seen in full is The Rocky Horror Show - that always amazes people when I say that!

The last movie I saw at a theater was the first Avengers movie and before that, I think it was the first of the reboot Star Trek movies. I do have a soft spot for romantic comedies or chick flicks and I definitely love a good action packed movie. I love the Die Hard films - as unrealistic as they are, they are still damn good light entertainment.

I'm not a big movie fan as I always feel like I should be doing other stuff. It's very rare that I will sit and watch TV for an hour, let alone 2 or more! When I do watch TV here in the UK, it tends to be Masterchef or The Great British Bake Off - I absolutely adore cooking shows!

My favorite show recently is Vikings but I'm watching White Collar on Netflix at the moment. I've already watched all of Person of Interest and Lie to Me but my next show to watch is Sense8 - I saw the first episode but it got lost in all the new stuff they are releasing at the moment so I need to catch up there.

The one time I do watch a fair bit of TV is when I'm visiting Cold - with only one computer, it's impossible to game together so we watch some DVD's instead. I'm definitely getting an education in American comedies and after a glass or two of Kraken and coke or a glass of wine, they seem all the funnier.

Are there any movies that surprise people when you say you haven't seen them?


Sunday, 2 August 2015

Insomnia Sucks!

Blaugust Day 2 - Insomnia Sucks!

It's 5.45 on a Sunday morning and I have finally given up on trying to sleep so I thought I'd bash out my day 2 Blaugust post! I've never been a good sleeper - as far back as I can remember, I've had interrupted nights more often than not but in the last year or two, it's got even worse.

One of the side effects of breast cancer & mastectomies is the almost immediate start of your menopause. I don't know if that applies to younger women with breast cancer but mine was looming on the horizon anyway and within a week of my 2nd operation, I was overheating and freezing in 15 minute cycles, all day every day!

The downside is that I can't take any hormone related medication which is the usual fix for menopause symptoms but my doctor did find Clonidine which has helped immensely during the day. Sadly, it doesn't seem to help quite so much at night so it just adds to the sleeping problem.

I've tried so many things over the years - various herbal remedies that are supposed to help like Valerian and chamomile tea (yuck!) as well as cutting out coffee after noon each day. I even resorted to over the counter sleeping pills for a little while but they only meant I was waking up 2 times a night instead of 3 or 4 times!

I've tried yoga, meditation breathing, dimming the lights for an hour before bed, not being on PC or iPad for an hour before bed - all of them helped a tiny bit for the first night or two, then it was back to my normal restless night.

Funnily enough, I do sleep fairly well when I'm in St Louis which is surprising given that I'm sharing a bed not only with Cold but also his cat half the time! Add in to that the city light pollution and the constant traffic noises, it's amazing that I sleep at all!

I'm getting pretty desperate for good sleep time as now that I'm working, I can't nap in the afternoon to make up for the lost sleep and I'm constantly exhausted. It's affecting my work and more importantly (!!) my gaming too!

Do you have any suggestions for me to try? What works for you when you have a period of restless nights?


Saturday, 1 August 2015

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me (Until Now!)

So Blaugust Has Started - Day 1

My first contribution to the Blaugust event is rather late in the day but I stayed over at my Dad's last night and everything has been out of synch since! So I'm cheating a little already and using one of the writing prompts from the Nook that is running alongside this event.

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me Until Now

  1. I learnt to read when I was three and until I started playing WoW, I used to read 3-4 books every week. I even read Lord of the Flies when I was 10, much to the dismay of my high school English teacher who felt 14 was plenty young enough to be reading it!
  2. I'm a qualified scuba diver although I haven't dived for the last 4-5 years for various reasons. I also prefer tropical warm water diving - not because of the murky cold water but because of all the extra gear that cold water diving requires - I physically can't carry the weight!
  3. I'm a frustrated artist - I have boxes of art supplies that I can never resist but when faced with a blank canvas or pristine sheet of paper, I just can't do anything with it!
  4. Until I met Cold, I could never eat anything with chilis - now I'm addicted to them and add them to almost everything I cook for myself! I even bought some Ghost Pepper Marinade recently - it was ok.
  5. I don't have any known phobias and I actually love heights! I've abseiled off the roof of an 8 storey building for charity, I did a tandem paraglide off a mountain in North Cyprus and I would have loved to do a tandem skydive too. Sadly, my back just won't let me do that now so I guess I'll have to find other height things to do instead! Maybe a balloon flight will keep my height-cravings satisfied!
I'm hoping I can keep up with a small post every day throughout August - having a challenge like Blaugust running helps keep the momentum going but now that I've started working again, time just seems to have run away with me. I'm going to aim for 31 posts this month but honestly, I'll be happy with 15 - it will still be a challenge but perhaps not such an impossible one!


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Feeling Good About WoW Again

Beautiful Meadow, Somewhere in Draenor
This morning, I woke up really early yet again and after catching up on my overnight Twitter feed, I really didn't feel like doing anything work-ish so I logged into WoW with the intention of just doing my Garrison stuff.

That was well over 3 hours ago and I've only just about managed to tear myself away. Not only is my gold making coming along nicely but my Garrisons and followers are leveling up and my guild is slowly coming back to life. A big chunk of that three hours included chatting to the newest member of my guild, Clarky from Twitter. We've been friends on bnet for a while but now he's come to join us on my server so it's even easier to chat.

Amarochi from Twitter has also joined us and there's another who's leveling a baby alt to join us shortly. I've also heard from an old guildie on Facebook that he's resubbing next week and that really made my day! He and I go back almost to the very start of my WoW adventures and he's been there for me in some of my darkest times. Not that unusual of a story but considering he was only 16 at the time and I'm easily old enough to be his Mom, it's a friendship I cherish even if some may think it a bit weird!

In other news, I've started my DK on her journey to garrison life - leveling in blood spec is fantastic! Yes, my DPS might be lower but as I don't spend any time running back from the graveyard, it feels much better. She's virtually indestructible - so far anyway!

I also got my first profession to 700 this morning - not Leatherworking on my main as you might expect but Fishing! How sad am I? Even more sadness about that though - I didn't do more than 2 fishing dailies so I've basically done it the long, slow way but I have a bag full of stuff to use for Alchemy on my Hunter or to sell on the Auction House. It's an easy profession to level while spending time chatting to friends in game and I was playing Mini Warriors on my iPad at the same time too so it didn't take that long!

Max Level Fishing - 1st WoW Profession done!
Another great thing is that I finally got the mission to get my Selfie camera - yes, I know I kind of ranted against the selfie camera when it first came out but that was because my Twitter feed exploded with so many pictures. It's all calmed down now though and I don't intend tweeting them. I'll probably use a few here if I remember to use it!

The best thing about this morning though is that even though I've logged off, I do feel like I got something done today. OK, it may only be a game but I've been in a bit of a funk and been going through my days like a barely functioning zombie. Today, I got something done and I'm blasting through this post and I have a gazillion other things I want to do and I feel like I can do them all right now! It's been a long while since I felt this buzzed about anything so thank you WoW, you gone & done it again for me!

Have a great day everyone xxx

PS: If you play on EU servers and fancy joining us, just drop me a comment here or over on Twitter @Nevahaddict - we're not raiding or anything, pretty much just social for now but if we get enough people, we can do anything! :)


Friday, 24 July 2015

Getting Ready For Blaugust

So I have 15 minutes before I have to get my shit together for work and I thought I'd give this free writing thing a go. Random thoughts just flowing as I type? Maybe, but that's a skill I tend to keep for verbal communications so it will be interesting to see if I can do this in writing.

I tend to edit as I type and even now I''m stopping and thinking about what I want to write about. This could be harder than I thought!

Anyway, Belghast started this Blaugust thing last year - a mash up of August and Blog where he challenged other bloggers to write a post every day for the 31 days of August. I did something similar last year for the April A-Z challenge and I enjoyed it but it didn't turn into a regular habit. I slaved over those posts and in the end it was fun but pretty hard work.

For this challenge , I'm just going to waffle on and see what happens. No pre-writing, no set topics or theme - just random thought of the morning which will probably be along the lines of ' I really don't wanna go to work!'

I'm also hoping to finally get onto the next stage of the visa process for my move to the States so once that happens it will be action stations here - I pretty much have to sell everything I can as the shipping costs are astronomical.

Anyway, time to head out. That wasn't too bad but definitely unstructured! Hope you don't mind my early morning wafflings because there's probably going to be a fair amount of it next month! I know it isn't August quite yet but I thought I'd give a little publicity to the Blaugust thing in case anyone else wants to join in.

Oh and I'll probably add some pretty pictures too - I think a blog post looks naked without something colorful!

Have a great day

Thursday, 23 July 2015

One Minute Gaming #56 - Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Living Quarters

This week I've been playing Fallout Shelter, a resource and people management game based on the ever popular Fallout game.

You are in charge of an underground Vault - a safe place from the world after a nuclear war and you have to manage the resources like power, water and food to keep your survivors alive.

Each survivor who turns up at the door to your vault has variable characteristics and each characteristic is best suited for one of the occupations inside the vault. As Overseer, you assign survivors to work in the most appropriate area.

You can send survivors back out into the world to scavenge for additional supplies like weapons and armor. You need armor and weapons to defend your vault against raiders and rad roaches otherwise your may get over run.

You can also expand your community by assigning male and female survivors to the living areas - if they hit it off, they retire to the bedroom and she then emerges pregnant!

Sadly it's not optimised for iPad 2 so I've been having regular crashes and it's not available at all for Android until August but from what I've seen, it looks like a great game. I'd give fallout Shelter an 8 out of 10 and I'm hopeful they will make it work on older iPads & iPhones soon.

If you have a game you'd like me to try, you can contact me on Twitter @NevAHAddict or leave a comment below.

So until next time, have fun!


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