Friday, 24 July 2015

Getting Ready For Blaugust

So I have 15 minutes before I have to get my shit together for work and I thought I'd give this free writing thing a go. Random thoughts just flowing as I type? Maybe, but that's a skill I tend to keep for verbal communications so it will be interesting to see if I can do this in writing.

I tend to edit as I type and even now I''m stopping and thinking about what I want to write about. This could be harder than I thought!

Anyway, Belghast started this Blaugust thing last year - a mash up of August and Blog where he challenged other bloggers to write a post every day for the 31 days of August. I did something similar last year for the April A-Z challenge and I enjoyed it but it didn't turn into a regular habit. I slaved over those posts and in the end it was fun but pretty hard work.

For this challenge , I'm just going to waffle on and see what happens. No pre-writing, no set topics or theme - just random thought of the morning which will probably be along the lines of ' I really don't wanna go to work!'

I'm also hoping to finally get onto the next stage of the visa process for my move to the States so once that happens it will be action stations here - I pretty much have to sell everything I can as the shipping costs are astronomical.

Anyway, time to head out. That wasn't too bad but definitely unstructured! Hope you don't mind my early morning wafflings because there's probably going to be a fair amount of it next month! I know it isn't August quite yet but I thought I'd give a little publicity to the Blaugust thing in case anyone else wants to join in.

Oh and I'll probably add some pretty pictures too - I think a blog post looks naked without something colorful!

Have a great day


  1. Haha, I've decided to participate as well, and I am 99% sure that most of my posts will just be waffles as well, so you're in good company!

    All the best with getting everything sorted :)

    1. lol, I'll keep a look out for your posts - we can compare waffle levels!