Saturday, 1 August 2015

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me (Until Now!)

So Blaugust Has Started - Day 1

My first contribution to the Blaugust event is rather late in the day but I stayed over at my Dad's last night and everything has been out of synch since! So I'm cheating a little already and using one of the writing prompts from the Nook that is running alongside this event.

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me Until Now

  1. I learnt to read when I was three and until I started playing WoW, I used to read 3-4 books every week. I even read Lord of the Flies when I was 10, much to the dismay of my high school English teacher who felt 14 was plenty young enough to be reading it!
  2. I'm a qualified scuba diver although I haven't dived for the last 4-5 years for various reasons. I also prefer tropical warm water diving - not because of the murky cold water but because of all the extra gear that cold water diving requires - I physically can't carry the weight!
  3. I'm a frustrated artist - I have boxes of art supplies that I can never resist but when faced with a blank canvas or pristine sheet of paper, I just can't do anything with it!
  4. Until I met Cold, I could never eat anything with chilis - now I'm addicted to them and add them to almost everything I cook for myself! I even bought some Ghost Pepper Marinade recently - it was ok.
  5. I don't have any known phobias and I actually love heights! I've abseiled off the roof of an 8 storey building for charity, I did a tandem paraglide off a mountain in North Cyprus and I would have loved to do a tandem skydive too. Sadly, my back just won't let me do that now so I guess I'll have to find other height things to do instead! Maybe a balloon flight will keep my height-cravings satisfied!
I'm hoping I can keep up with a small post every day throughout August - having a challenge like Blaugust running helps keep the momentum going but now that I've started working again, time just seems to have run away with me. I'm going to aim for 31 posts this month but honestly, I'll be happy with 15 - it will still be a challenge but perhaps not such an impossible one!



  1. Yay, you took my prompt! :D

    Lovely factoids. I'm AWFUL with heights, and totally understand your artist struggles. I've got a cross-stitch stash building up and a wedding scrapbook that is unstarted. Meep!

    1. Oh don't get me started on the crafty stuff stash! I crochet, knit & cross-stitch so yarns everywhere plus I dabble at sewing too so fabric stash and no old jeans ever get thrown out whole either! I cut the good material out first, thinking I will use it some day!

  2. It's a pleasure meeting you and finding your blog. I wish you the best of luck with your Blaugust attempts!

    As for the adding spice to cooking, I too love a good kick from peppers. Any great recipes you'd be willing to share?

    1. Have you tried chili jam? I haven't made it yet but I bought some and oh my gosh, it was yummy! Especially good in a toasted cheese sandwich :D

  3. Great post. If you're feeling frustrated with art may I suggest the Everyday Matters Challenge it's a good way to get your feet wet, and takes off the pressure of deciding what to do with your blank page. Not sure if you want links in your comments, so if you google it and find a list by Danny Gregory you're on the right track. Looking forward to all your posts this month. Have a wonderful Blaugust!

    1. ooooh thank you! I'll find it and bookmark it for next month's daily challenge! lol