Monday, 11 February 2013

An Unwitting Random Act of Kindness

This morning, I created a level 1 character in Northshire on a friends server to help her set up a guild. As is my habit, after signing the guild charter, I took a run to Stormwind to check out the Auction House (yes, I know, I am an AH Addict after all!) just to see if there were any pets going cheap that I haven't already got. My friend was willing to sub me some gold if I found one I wanted but as I wasn't sure, I didn't take the gold up front.

As usual, I just followed the road, it's the safest way for a level 1 with zero xp and as I got to Goldshire and was dodging the duellers there, I noticed that someone had put out a Blingtron 4000. Without even really thinking about it, I clicked & got my present, always hoping for a pet or some nice bling but no real luck today. I forgot I was on a level 1 though so once I got to Stormwind, I just vendored the 2 bits of trash that I got from the package and didn't think any more of it.

Off I went to the Auction House, did my usual scans including my snatch list, just to see if it would be worth some time to play a lowbie flipping alt here. Now in my defence, this was fairly early in my day & I was still on my first bucket of coffee, so when I saw a nice little deal, I clicked 'buy', still forgetting that I had no cash - or so I thought!

It was only then that I realised the vendor trash from the Blingtron gift has netted me over 20 gold! So I'd like to say a big Thank You to that random player who popped out the Blingtron in Goldshire this morning! Then the thought struck me! Wouldn't that be a great way to help out some lowbies or newbies in future? Just pop out a Blingtron in a busy starter area & pop a message in general chat to let them know what it's for (that's for the newbies of course). It wouldn't cost you anything & you could help multiple players without any hassle of finding a deserving recipient for your generosity!

Forget trying to find a true newbie to give some bags or gold to, just pop out your Blingtron 4000 & let them all have a present. :)


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  1. That's a great idea! I know a few of those vendor items sell for quite a lot - the most being 200G

  2. I love blington on low level toons! I don't have an engineer but it is a great idea :)