Thursday, 28 February 2013

Update 28th Feb : Achievements, Dailies & Leveling

So it's been over 2 weeks since I last wrote here but I've got a fair bit done in that time. I've been focusing on my Squidoo account, trying to increase my presence there & get some real cash flowing! If you've not come across Squidoo before, it's basically a platform for writers to make a lens (a page, if you like) about anything they want to within reason and make a bit of cash at the same time. I'm writing about photography & travel mainly so pop over if you want to take a peek at yet another of my random online activities!

Anyway, so what have I been upto in WoW? well, I did eventually get my DK to level 90 & promptly abandoned her at Halfhill. I keep meaning to log her & do the Tillers dailies to get my farm going but I've only done that a few days in the last 10 so I guess that will take a while yet!

I also remembered that there is a Scorpion mount from Exalted reputation with the Klaxxi so I logged my Paladin again to complete those. I'd just about had enough of the Klaxxi dailies to be honest & having been questing through Dread Wastes on my DK too, I just felt like the whole world was dark, grey & filled with menacing insectoids! But I struggled on (wo)manfully & was rewarded with a gorgeous Scorpion mount which I promptly mounted, took a screenshot & then haven't logged Paladin again since! She's probably still sitting on that half dead tree trunk in Klaxxi Vess!

Since then, I've been trudging through Kun-Lai & Townlong Steppes on my Warrior. She's my Blacksmith & I really want to get her to 90 before patch 5.2 hits, if only for the Living Steel Belt Buckle pattern from the Klaxxi. I hit 89 last night so today I move her to the Dread Wastes & start getting all dark & depressed again!

I really struggled with the Paladin leveling through first, I loved the DK, leveling in Blood spec for the first time ever & now, the Warrior. Why I've taken my 3 plate wearers through first I have no idea! I hated my Warrior most of the way through to about 75 - how she ever got to 85 is still a mystery & getting to 90 is just my stubborn streak showing through. Her DPS is better than the Paladin's was though but it feels slower somehow & I am chewing through Bandages like they are going out of fashion! I still have 3 level 85's to move along - a Priest (shadow/holy), a Rogue (arrgghh!) & a Hunter but I think I might take a break from top level stuff & either move my 50 something warlock along or even, maybe, perhaps start a monk!

I did actually take the DK into the Chemical Brothers holiday dungeon & I was brave enough to tank too! I figured I couldn't do much wrong with everyone just blowing shit up so easily and I think I did ok although I'm not jumping up & down to get my first proper dungeon done just yet!

So that's been the last couple of weeks in WoW. I don't really have a to-do list for now - I'm just focusing on that damned Warrior!


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  1. My Warrior is 89 at the moment. Trying to accumulate some rested xp for that final push towards 90. I've done Dread Wastes so many times now that I'm dreading doing it again and instances give so little xp.

  2. Grats! I always feel such a sense of achievement when I complete the rep grinds. I have been slacking recently though - I have about a weeks worth of August Celestials left before I finish my MoP reps. Just in time for the two new ones... /sigh