Saturday, 9 February 2013

This Week's To-Do List ( 9th Feb)

Well I did finally get my Elders visited & now I only need Children's Week to get my Violet Proto-drake for the 'Long Strange Trip' achievement too but other than that, I've not had much success in doing any of the stuff on my last to-do list from 2 weeks ago! I've been having intermittant disconnection problems with my router & it really put me off trying to quest in WoW.

But after almost 2 days of no internet at all, I think we got the router sorted out & fingers crossed, the disconnection problem seems to be better too! I did manage to get my DK within spitting distance of level 90, she's about 50% of the way through level 89 & honored with the Klaxxi already. So my plan for today & tomorrow is to get her to 90 at least, even if I do nothing else in game!

The internet problems have messed with my other online stuff too so now I have a backlog of to-do things outside of game. I don't know if it's just me but I feel like my girls are nagging at me to get them moving! It's kind of distracting whilst trying to get my photography website redesigned or writing additional content for my newsletter over at AH Addict. Both are taking chunks of time & I just want to get back to my nagging girlies!

It doesn't help that I'm addicted to Twitter & Facebook too. I hate waiting for answers/replies to comments I make so I try not to make others wait for responses from me. What that means in reality though is that no matter what I am doing, I'm always interrupting myself to check Twitter or FB which of course, slows me down further!

I think I need an intervention!

Anyway, given that I keep making work for myself, my in game to-do list this week is very short!

  • Get DK to level 90
  • Get Warrior to level 88
  • Do some dailies with Paladin, probably Shieldwall ones as I've started those but I should start on Shado-Pan or August Celestials too
That's it! I know it's Love Is In The Air week too but I have that achievement. I'll have to check to see if I have the Lovebird mount though and if not, I'll add getting that to my to-do list as well.


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