Saturday, 12 January 2013

20 Questions & More! Memes Galore

Being away from home & not having access to my main account has made me realise just how much I rely on having lots of alts for variety in my playtime. Having just one level 90 on my US account is ok but I do miss being able to hop around to do different things as I feel like. It's also made me realise how much time I spend doing achievement based stuff & that has been the main content on this blog so far too!

I saw Soco was doing a 20 days of WoW meme a while back & thought I'd do it too - but I never got started. Now it has come up again on my Twitter feed (thank you SoCalWowGal) & that's helped me find 2 other memes so now I have plenty of ideas for posts here when I'm not feeling the vibe to find my own idea!

The first one I found via Soco at Vault of Light was Spellbound Saga's - most questions are WoW related but with some more personal ones thrown in too.

Next up was  Amaranth's list at Specced for Drama - it's a November 2010 post but the questions are all very WoW based & should make me get my thinking cap on!

Lastly, Saga mentioned another meme by Serenity Saz over at World of Saz - this one is screenshot based & as I am terrible at grabbing screenshots, should be a nice challenge for me.

I've always been bad at keeping up with things so this is going to be a challenge for me - I'd quite like to answer all of the questions on all three memes over the next few months. All three are from older posts so I'm way behind the times but I think all are still relevant to WoW today & should be fun as well as challenging!


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  1. Oh! I like the idea of the screen shot one!
    I need to do more of mine but I just can't seem to find the time at the moment.

  2. awww :( but at least you're busy hon, life would be boring if memes was all we could do! lol

  3. I started all of these but still haven't finished any :( To make matters ever so slightly worse I started Amaranth's back when she posted it in 2010.

    Have to admit though, despite my own slackiness, I do love reading other people's answers.