Thursday, 10 January 2013

Just A Quick Update

So I'm away from home at the moment without access to my EU account which is ok but I do miss my girls! I only have one level 90 on my US account and although the friend I'm staying with plays WoW too, they have multiple level 90's, all doing their dailies so it's been kind of tough to do stuff together.

I have started a DK though - blood spec again, with the intention of tanking most of the way to 90 so that I can learn DK tanking from the start. I got to level 61 fairly quickly but haven't braved a dungeon yet. I keep getting sidetracked by Squidoo which is nothing to do with WoW but does have the possibility of making me some much needed cash! I did a couple of World of Warcraft Gift Guides this week if you want to have a peek - Horde or Alliance stuff that would make great presents for a gamer in your life!

I've also been keeping my EU auctions going by using the remote auction house on my friends iPad - so much easier than on my phone. I've made a few nice sales but without access to my crafters, I'm only really selling stuff I pre-crafted before I left for my vacation.

So things might be quiet around here for a little while longer unless I can find some gametime mojo! I think I keep putting off playing 'cos I'm on my Horde characters on my US account & I'll be honest, I just feel so lost! Every time I try to go somewhere or find a trainer or a vendor, I have to look it up - I've got lazy over the last few years of playing only Alliance I guess - I know without having to think, where everything is.

I'm also missing quite a few of my favorite add-ons - I'm using my friends old PC & it's on its last legs to be honest - I'm doubtful whether it can take any more addons! But don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the time I am playing, it's just not such a high priority right now - I am supposed to be here visiting after all, not just to play WoW!

Hope everyone out there has got off to a good start in 2013 - I have a lot of hopes, wishes & plans for this year, just got to work out how to make them happen now.

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