Monday, 14 January 2013

Saga's 20 Days of Blogging - Day 1

Saga's list of 20 questions starts with "Day 1 - Introduce Yourself" & that's a bit like the dreaded question at a job interview - 'tell us a little about yourself' where you have no idea just what they want to hear or how much detail to go into! But I figured it's my blog, I can waffle for hours or give you bullet points, it doesn't really matter now, does it?

So really, where to start - well I'm Welsh born but have lived in England for 3/4 of my life - I joke about being in exile but actually, it's not that bad. I'm pretty social & I like talking to people about all sorts of stuff - I have a brain full of tidbits of information on all sorts of subjects & little stories to tell about loads of things too so sometimes it's hard to shut me up! You will notice over time, that I find it really hard to do 'short answers' - Twitter is really really hard for me :)

I've been playing World of Warcraft for just over 3 years now with a Retribution/tank paladin as my main but I have 5 other alts at level 85 or above. I used to off-tank ICC but my guild imploded & I haven't raided in any way since - not even LFR. I like questing & just can't be bothered with dungeons very often - my aim is to change that in 2013 though. I've got some lovely peeps on my RealID now who have offered to dungeon with me so I must get off my metaphorical butt & join them sometimes!

I collect mounts & pets as well as achievements - I'm almost up to 9000 points now but there are still a lot of fairly easy ones still for me to chase - Cataclysm dungeons & raid ones for starters as well as vanilla & TBC raids.

I have all professions maxed except Engineering - that's on my Warlock who is over 2 years old & still only level 53. I don't know why I don't play her - I think I don't like how she looks but even with a nice new transmog, I still avoid her most of the time. Maybe I should just start a new one with a different look - but after I have my others leveled to 90 & all reputation grinds done of course.

What else to tell you? Hmmm, I like to read, I love food & cooking & photography is a big thing with me. When I'm not in game, I read a lot of blogs, keep up with Twitter & Facebook, write for my 3 blogs (I have a 3rd one for my photography) and I Squidoo as well. I also spend hours on Skype with my buddies - luckily they can talk for hours too :P

If I have one dream, it's to become a travel photographer - combining my passion for travel with photography but also adding in food photography whilst I travel. Unfortunately, it is really a pipedream - logistics, age, health & finances all play against me on this one but when I do get a vacation, I make the most of it.

Going forward? Who knows! Last year was a huge year for me, selling house, divorce, breast cancer, fighting depression, losing old friends, making new ones. I'm still standing though & I'm feeling quite positive about this fresh new year ahead. Only time will tell so for now it's 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming' & see what life brings & where I end up.


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  1. I love people who love the fun things in WoW. Gosh, reading about your life last year sounds like it was hectic, and I hope this year is better for you.