Sunday, 27 January 2013

This Week's To Do List (27th Jan 2013)

Well, I'm back home after my trip, almost over the jet lag & slowly getting back into the swing of things but today sees the start of the Lunar Festival in WoW & as it's the second to last one I need for my Long Strange Trip achievement, I'm going to be pretty busy! It's also been shortened to just 2 weeks (to avoid overlapping with Love is in the Air I guess) so if you haven't done all your Elder visiting, don't hang around too long!

I finally made it to Revered with the Klaxxi on my main so she's started the Shieldwall Offensive quests now whilst I've gone back to leveling my DK. I hit 89 late last night so just the Dread Wastes to go, with 2x Klaxxi rep, & hopefully I'll hit 90 with her very soon. I was hoping I might manage it today but it's mid afternoon already & my real life to-do list is still pretty long!

I've been a little bit braver this week too - I actually took my Paladin into a scenario or two. I was so close to an achievement I've been aiming for, it seemed like the easiest option at the time. It wasn't! Her DPS is still pretty bad & the random scenario system dropped me into Crypt of the Forgotten Kings - one I've not done before - so not only was I trying to not get lost, I was trying to keep up with the other two players too!

But I did it & I finally got my achievement too - yay! The strangest thing is though, my Achievement screen shows that I have only 8990 points so I'm not quite sure what happened there.

 So this weeks to-do list is pretty short

  • Complete the Lunar Festival achievement (almost all the Elders required)
  • Get DK to level 90
  • Tank a dungeon with my DK
  • More scenarios/dungeons on Paladin (she needs the VP's)
  • Start the Cloud Serpent reputation dailies on DK as she is my Jewelcrafter
  • Keep doing the Shieldwall Offensive dailies on Paladin
  • Get Warrior moving again, currently at 87, she's still sitting on the farm
I may be a bit hopeful putting dungeons & scenarios in that list though - I'm having problems with my internet connection dropping intermittently which is extremely frustrating as you can probably imagine! It's probably a good thing that I spend hours flying around for the Elders achieves - at least if I disconnect on a flight path, I won't die before I can reconnect!

Okay, enough waffling from me - back to those damned Elders I go :)


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