Monday, 10 December 2012

This Week's To-Do List

I've been very unfocused recently - both in game, in blogland & pretty much everywhere else to be honest. I thought I'd make myself an in-game to-do list just as a kind of motivator to actually achieve certain things, rather than wandering aimlessly, doing a bit of this or a bit of that!

I'm not going to make a huge list of everything I want to do though - just a small list of stuff I think I can achieve given the smallish amount of time I've actually been playing recently. If I get other stuff done as well then that will be a bonus & I won't have to do it later!

So where to start? Leveling, goldmaking, dailies, dungeons, pet battles, achievement chasing all come to mind but that would be too much for this first list so I've narrowed it down a bit.
  • DK - currently level 88, needs to get to 90 but aim for 89 this week at least
  • Warrior - currently level 86, definitely needs to get to 87 & into the Capital city for the Blacksmithing recipes
  • Blacksmithing - get warrior to city, get a recipe & finally get Blacksmithing maxed! (done! thanks Soco xxx)
  • Paladin - Golden Lotus dailies - I must do these every day as I've only just got to honoured & I want to get started on the Shado-Pan dailies for the tiger mounts!
  • Enchanting - I have loads of green armor drops that need disenchanting & I haven't leveled enchanting at all - get some skill points this week at least!
  • Pets - I have 176 unique pets right now - not all rare by any means but for now I'm just aiming for 1 of each, I'll upgrade them later over time. I'd quite like to get to 200 by next week - shouldn't be too difficult as I haven't even left Eastern Kingdoms yet on the Pet Safari & the Pet Tamer achieves.
The other good thing about getting back to questing & leveling is the chance to reinforce my new found keyboard-using playstyle! I'm still struggling a bit - my little finger keeps missing the Tab button for targeting for starters & anything more than 1-5 number keys is a stretch (literally & figuratively!) but I'm getting there, it's just going to take a while I think :)

So there we go - a nice short list for me this week. I'll pop back & mark them off as & when I get them done - I'm sure I'll think of other stuff to be doing or will get sidetracked by something but at least this way - it's in black & white & maybe I won't feel so annoyed at myself next week for getting nothing done!


  1. This reminds me I have a lot of catching up to do when classes let out for Christmas break, I still have that Warrior/Hunter RAF combo I need to get to 80 before the RAF expires.

    1. ooh good luck with your RAF pair - hope you make it in time :)

  2. I play using edsf instead of wasd I can just about reach 6 (your 5) I use it for things that I don't have to press very often like Lightwell which has a 5 minute CD anyway.

    I can fly your warrior over to the city if you want before you're 87 =]

    1. Soco - do you still use Tab to target tho? that's the one causing me most probs I think. I tend not to use my lil finger much at all so it takes thinking about! lol

      As for a lift - yes please! I have guildies who could fly me over there but I've not been on at same time as them for ages :( I'll poke you when I see you :) mwah!

    2. I do still use tab for targeting, yeah. I use it for shift, I struggle with pressing CTR with it though which a lot of people use as a modifier for binds.