Saturday, 8 December 2012

Getting Braver! Dungeons & Scenarios - Oh My!

A couple of days ago, I finally dinged level 90 on my US Hunter. With rested XP all the way & starting the session with about 15% done, it took just 4.5 hours to hit the max but I have to say, I wouldn't have got there so quickly without help from my friend Cold (from Cold's Gold Factory, in case you don't know his blog). He was kind about my lack of DPS & very patient as I swore & cursed my way through the quests & a couple of dungeons using my still very new keyboard skills!

Not only that, as soon as I dinged, he made me a nice new shiny gun, a scope to go with it & the correct gem too and then he logged his main & we hit up a couple of scenarios! I managed to get myself killed in the first pull of the Greenstone Village one & couldn't resurrect. I had the little window pop up on my screen but the button was greyed out. I tried reloading my UI but all that did was to lose the greyed out button. Eventually, I thought about him ressing me as a ghoul & hey! I managed to carry on then but I have no idea what happened. Luckily the other player in our group had the same problem so he was patient & eventually we got him ressed too.

It was hectic but fun - very different feel than a dungeon for some reason but once it was over & I looted the treasure bag thingy at the end, I was super happy - 1 Stormbrew Bracers of the Zephyr ilevel 463 - thank you very much!

I decided I had time for just one more scenario & this time we ended up with Dagger in the Dark - I really felt like I messed up this one - but we got through & after opening the treasure bag thingy at the end - I was even happier than before! Stormbrew Spaulders of the Windstorm - also ilevel 463 meant that my hunt for gear upgrades had started really well.

After Thursday's success, I decided it was time to stop faffing about with my Paladin & actually get her moving again. I checked Ask Mr Robot for reforging help as my hit & expertise were both pretty low then I got really brave & queued up for a dungeon. Not a heroic one though - just a normal level as I've been struggling to stay alive just doing dailies! I guess I should have looked at Ask Mr Robot earlier though - my item level on my Paladin is awful! After buying a new weapon earlier in the week & nabbing 2 pieces of new gear off the Auction House this week, she's just about at 440. My US Hunter - ilevel 441 already! Yeah, no wonder I've been struggling!

Anyway, with 40 minute plus queue times, I only managed to get three normal dungeons done. But I did start the Klaxxi quests as the Dread Wastes is the only zone I didn't get to with my Paladin. So my task this week is to get the Dread Wastes quests completed which will give me the Pandaren Loremaster achievement & possibly will give me some better gear too! I may even be brave again & actually try a heroic dungeon but don't go holding your breath on that one, will you?

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