Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cooking - Done! Now We're Getting Somewhere!

Well, it's taken me absolutely ages but I finally managed to finish off leveling all the Ways in Cooking & as a bonus, I also got the Ironpaw Chef achievement. I tried to get the previous Iron Chef achievement a while ago but was 1 or 2 recipes short & no idea where to get them from. With all the new recipes in Mists of Pandaria, I got Iron Chef almost as soon as I started this cooking marathon but when this achievement popped up on my screen, I was completely & pleasantly surprised as I hadn't realised there was a new one for Pandaren levels!

As soon as I finished all the Ways, I then picked up the quest 'To Be A Master' from Sungshin Ironpaw in Halfhill. That required me to cook 6 more items (one from each Way). In doing so, I got the Pandaren Gourmet achievement & then as I was checking that out, I saw that I only needed to eat 1 each of those 6 foods & hey presto! another achievement popped up on my screen!

I still have a few Cooking profession achievements to get - I haven't done all the dailies in all the old cities yet & to be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to get those any time soon! Mists has so much stuff to do & not only did I start late but I've also spent a lot of time poodling around in game. I am beginning to feel that I'm way behind on everything including my gold-making but now that cooking is out of the way, I'm retiring my 4 plot farms (x5) as a way of saving a bit more time for leveling & of course, dailies!

I finally managed to get to honored reputation with the Golden Lotus faction on my only level 90 - that's how far behind I am! I did treat my Paladin to a Masterwork Spiritblade Decimator from the Auction House & that has made a huge difference to her performance - she still feels very squishy but she's hitting harder now so it's easier to survive. I also started the Operation: Landfall dailies - I kinda like them so far but I've only done them for 2 days so who knows how long I'll keep that up! lol

So what's next? I have my DK at level 88 & my warrior at 86. I definitely need to get my warrior moving - she is my Blacksmith & we need a max level Blacksmith for the guild achievement to get our Heirloom legs. I also need to get my main to Revered with Golden Lotus so both my DK & Warrior don't have to grind dailies quite so hard for their reputations. My warrior needs to get through Golden Lotus & Klaxxi to get her blacksmithing patterns & my DK is my Jewelcrafter so she needs the Order of the Cloud Serpent reputation to get access to the beautiful JC mounts recipes.

I have a lot of dailies to get through over the next month or two but as I promised myself at the start of the expansion, I have been running some dungeons too. I'm not quite ready for heroics yet & I still haven't run a single scenario but I'll get there, eventually!


  1. Gratz on the cooking achievs! I really need to get back into cooking but pet battles have got in the way. Also, thanks for pointing out the Pandaren Delicacies - I normally forget to sample the different types of food and end up having to go back to do it.

    1. I'm trying very hard to resist pet battles - I'm dabbling occasionally in a very haphazard way in an effort to get my reps raised & other alts leveled first!