Saturday, 15 December 2012

Winter's Veil Is Here

When I wrote my to-do list for this week, I totally forgot to add in the few remaining achievements I need to complete the Winter's Veil meta-achieve & title of Merrymaker. I only need 5 more so this morning, once I realised the holiday had begun, off I went to get my achieves.

  • 'Tis the Season - eat Graccu's Minced Meat Fruitcake whilst wearing 3 items of holiday clothing - great, got all the plans to make the clothes but no Fruitcake - apparently it turns up in the mail after you complete one of the other holiday quests. Finish that tomorrow then
  • Let It Snow - sprinkle various race/class combinations with a Handful of Snowflakes - knew I should have kept them from last year - now I need to keep kissing Revellers to get them then I have to find alts for all the various race/class combos - also not getting done today then.
  • Fa-la-la Ogri'la - complete the Bomb Them Again daily quest whilst mounted on a reindeer - ok - off to Blades Edge Mountains - where's the quest giver? Took me 10 mins to find her but yay! one achievement completed today!
  • Bros Before Ho-ho-ho's - need mistletoe for this one - back to kissing Revellers everywhere again! With a 1 hour cooldown, this could take a while.
  • & my most hated one - With a Little Helper from My Friends -  get 50 honorable kills whilst dressed as a Little Helper. I'm not a big fan of pvp so this one will be done with gritted teeth & probably lots of swearing!
So this morning has been a bit of a non starter to be honest. I did go to Hillsbrad to kill the Greench but he was already dead so all I had to do was pick up a Stolen Present & free Metzen the Reindeer. Judging by all the skeletons laying around in the snow, that Greench puts up a heck of a fight! I'm almost glad I missed it!

Luckily I had been looking at which pets I was missing so as I was in Arathi Highlands for the flightpath anyway, I popped over to the Wind Elemental Circle there & found not 1 but 2 Tiny Twister battle pets - I managed to trap an uncommon one so yay! another pet for my ever increasing collection.

Once I got back to Ironforge to hand in the Greench quest I got lucky again! I had a Clockwork Rocket Bot in my Stolen Present & when I learnt it, I got the Feat of Strength achievement too. Maybe this morning hasn't been so bad after all but I still haven't touched my DK or Warrior this week so that's my task for the rest of today & probably most of tomorrow - get them leveled!

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