Sunday, 25 November 2012

Unlearning My Playstyle

I mentioned in my last post that I was hoping to visit a friend who doesn't mouseclick spells or keyboard turn & this weekend I finally made the trip! Playing on someone else's computer, with a strange mouse & keyboard and almost no addons is interesting to say the least & when we added in the whole 'don't use the mouse to click spells' thing, I almost lost it!

It turns out that in my previous attempts to unlearn my bad habits, I wasn't so far off a correct method - I just didn't give it long enough to feel normal. It really does feel absolutely cack handed way of playing but that's to be expected after 3 years of bad habits! To make matters even more interesting, I was persuaded (hah!) to try a dungeon within about 10 mins of the new set-up - bearing in mind that I've only just respecced to beast mastery & you can imagine how bad my DPS must have been! Oh yes, and my friend wouldn't let me download Recount as I didn't need to see the numbers that bad!

Well, I only died a few times - it didn't help that it was a dungeon I'd not been in yet so didn't know any of the boss fights. The thing I found hardest was moving - I could do my rotation pretty much ok (yeah a few hiccups here & there) but finding the WASD keys quickly enough whilst still trying to do some damage & get out of the crap on the floor was extremely frustrating. I also found my lower arm & wrist were feeling the new moves too so I didn't brave another dungeon straight away.

Not sure I'm going to have much option today though, my friend is already saying we should dungeon all day, get my Hunter to 90 at least - I think I may volunteer to do a full Sunday Roast dinner - that will keep me too busy for dungeons for a while at least! lol

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