Thursday, 29 November 2012

Unlearning My Playstyle - Part Two

So it's been an interesting week in game. I've been doing dungeons without keyboard turning or mouseclicking my spells (well, mostly not clicking!) & it's beginning to feel a little easier. I'm using my friends old keyboard though & it is horrible! I'm used to the basic Dell keyboard with some separation between the cursor keys, number pad & main keys. The keys on my own keyboard are also smaller at the surface than the base so the gaps between the keys feel bigger. This horrible keyboard has very flat keys, rather like a laptop keyboard but because I have long nails, I keep catching more than one at a time! Trying to run in a straight line when my nails keep catching the strafe keys is interesting to say the least! I'm sure it will all be much easier once I get back to my own well worn & familiar keyboard!

I've also bound 3 spells to my mousewheel which is a first for me. On my hunter, I have Scattershot on mousewheel forward, Disengage on mousewheel back & Kill Shot on mousewheel click. I only have a very basic Dell mouse so that will be about my limit on there but I do love having Disengage so easy to find - I always used to struggle to find it in my spell clicking days!

My next task is to convert all my alts to this kind of toolbar layout & mousewheel binds - I'm even thinking of uninstalling Bartender to stop me going back to my old ways! After I get used to this layout, it will be time to bind a few more keys & apparently I'm told that some macros will help too - for now though, I just need to get used to moving without the cursor keys. When I panic in a fight, I'm straight back to them, just to get me out of trouble quickly & I find I am looking at the keyboard way more than I used to. Hopefully it's just time & practise I need now.

Have you unlearned something in game like this? How did you re-train yourself, I'd love to know :)


  1. LOVE this! I just recently (thanks to my boyfriend) learned that holding down the right mouse button and pressing A and D makes you strafe, and not holding anything makes you spin. Now I have Q and E free'd up!

    It's been a hard process trying to learn but after a few days of just DEALING with it, it makes it much easier. It's hard though, just gotta stick with it! <3

  2. I'm a FPS player at heart apparently, I've always done fine using WASD keys for movement, and I've been known to keyboard turn as well. The only trouble I got for it was from people who caught me doing it, I never actually had any issue with mechanics

  3. A few months down the line, how are you getting on with this? I tried it out a few months ago, but I didn't find it better - that said, I'm left-handed, and WASD isn't the greatest layout for us. All the same, with the exception of the speed at which I can turn, I can't quite see what advantages there are to making the change. I know 'keyboard-turner' is quite a slur, but I can't think of an encounter where it's causing me problems.