Monday, 19 November 2012

Dungeons, Toolbars & Cooking

It's been a weird kind of week here at Casa Nev - I've been meaning to do so much but never actually got very far! I have managed to run about 6 dungeons though so my promise to myself for this expac is still intact!

I did most of those dungeons on my newly respecced Beast Mastery Hunter. I mentioned in my last post what a mess I made of that first dungeon but things have definitely improved although I'm still not quite sure if my DPS is up to standard. She dinged 88 late last night & could finally use the chest armor she picked up 2 dungeons earlier! I've moved my toolbars around a bit too - after reading the Godmother's post over at Alternative Chat, I realised I've been whinging about my DPS forever but never got to grips with actually making any decent changes.

I'm hoping to get a visit to one of my RL WoW friends who uses keybinds & doesn't click spells - maybe by actually seeing the hand positions & physically being shown how it works, I might finally get my head around the basics! I've had it explained to me multiple times in messages & on skype but it's one of those blind spots that we all have sometimes. I need to see it to work it out I think.

I have changed my toolbars around on my Paladin to reflect the Hunters too. Over time, I'll change all my toons to the same basic layout to improve consistency especially as I don't tend to have a main & just play which one I feel like playing.

This evening, I pulled my level 86 Warrior out & did a dungeon without any friends - Go Me! With the Pilgrims Bounty buff & the 8th Anniversary buff, I got some nice reputation towards my Tushui Pandaren rep so I can get access to those gorgeous turtle mounts. I was quite pleased with my DPS on some fights but as soon as I have to move around much, it all goes down the sink. I'm sure I'll get there eventually - just got to learn to 'play right' as one or two of my friends tell me! lol

I've also managed to finish another 2 of the Ways in Cooking, leaving me just 2 more to go so my farms are in full production for the veggies I need & hopefully I should finish those this week. I still have a few Best Friends to get though so no let up on the dailies there.

And that's about it for this week - the few times I've remembered to check Tol Barad, horde have been in control so no progress there & I don't think I even managed any pet battles either! Next week isn't looking any better but I'll just keep nibbling away at various bits - they all add up over time, don't they?