Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cloud Serpents, Dungeons & Reputations

Now that's how plate bikini's should look!
 A day later than originally planned, I finally managed to get the last 90 points to reach Exalted status with the order of the Cloud Serpents - yes, I was just 90 points short when I ran out of quests to do & it was so late, I just couldn't keep going to find another Onyx Egg. The next day, I was faffing about on my farm & an archaeology site wasn't too far away so I popped over the get the bits for the Cloud Serpent archaeology quest & hey presto! I am now the proud owner of all 3 colours of Cloud Serpent. Somehow though, I've missed something because I still can't actually do the Sky Race yet lol

Order of the Cloud Serpent - At last!
In amongst all my rep grinding, I've been persuaded to restart my US account so Thursday was spent respeccing my Marksman Hunter to Beast Mastery. I'd been struggling with focus regeneration & producing adequate DPS so having read up a bit on Icy Veins, I went ahead and respecced. I don't know that my DPS is that much better but it feels as if things have improved & I didn't feel like my leveling buddy was doing 99% of the work! We dinged 86 & I foolishly suggested we try a dungeon. I have promised myself that I am going to do dungeons this expansion so in we dived.

Well I won't say it was my most successful dungeon ever - I'd picked up a worm as my pet for the AoE ability but somewhere along the way of playing a Hunter, I never knew that my pets' Growl was turned on, even though it wasn't even on my toolbar! After a bit of help on Skype & desperately trying not to get lost & to actually do some DPS, I finally managed to get Growl turned off - much to the relief of the tank!

Once I stopped messing with my toolbars, I did manage to output some DPS although I still wasn't that happy with it. For once though, the RNG was on my side & I got 2 new pieces of armour which were massive upgrades for me. I know it's kinda silly but I felt bad taking them - my DPS had been so low, I didn't feel I deserved them but there were no other hunters or agility mail users in the group so of course, I did take them. Whoa! What a difference they made immediately - my DPS shot up by about 3k, putting me at least within range of the others.

First Pandaren Dungeon Done
I still have a lot of work to do to get her up to scratch but now that I've broken the ice on dungeons, I'm sure I'll be doing more soon. I still haven't braved a dungeon on my Paladin (90) or my DK (88). My Paladin feels really slow & cumbersome & really quite squishy so I have to try & work out what's wrong there. My DK is my freshly specced tank & to be honest, I really am shit scared about trying to tank a dungeon for the first time, let alone a dungeon I've never seen before! I'm thinking I should pop back into Frost spec & try some runs like that first & maybe my next post will be 'arrgghh dungeons!' or 'yay! dungeons' - who knows!

But in the meantime, I need to get one more reputation to Exalted to get my 40 Exalted Reps achievement - the closest to that is Baradin's Wardens so if I remember or stop faffing about long enough, I may try & get a few of those dailies done this weekend. The added bonus there of course, is that there are two mounts & a pet available so I just have to keep reminding myself - more mounts, more mounts!

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