Thursday, 8 November 2012

Onyx Egg Hunting & Sky Races

Onyx Egg Hunting
Does a Cloud Serpent count as a dragon? I like to think so, so I've been working hard at raising my reputation with the Order of The Cloud Serpents. I made it to Revered level before I even found my first Onyx Egg & then in about 30 minutes I found 8 so I was a very happy bunny. This was Tuesday evening so last night I went back about 2am, thinking I wouldn't have much competition. That was good thinking but somehow I still only managed to find another 8 Onyx Eggs in almost 2 hours!

The best bit about hitting Revered was the chance to finally meet my very own Cloud Serpent & start the learning process quests - I raced through cloud circles & tried to keep up with the trainer as she showed me the racecourse. I love the style of these Cloud Serpents & although I've admired their look for a while now, I finally understand why so many players are still riding them - they are just so cool!
Sky Races - Learner Mode
So I need just 9 more Onyx Eggs tonight to reach Exalted or less if I actually do the dailies today! I got so wrapped up in egg-hunting that I forgot to do all the killing stuff as well! But I did manage to cobble together a mini map with egg positions on - this is just the largest of the islands, named as Windward Isle on the map.
Windward Isle - Onyx Egg Spawn Points
Hope it helps :)

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  1. Thanks Nev!

    This will help me with hunting eggs. At this point I've found a single egg and I'm already 25% into exhaulted w cloud serpents.