Monday, 5 November 2012

Archaeology, Achievements & Pet Battles!

Veridian Netherwing Drake
Yesterday was a great day for poodling around in game & I managed to cover quite a few things. First up was my farm - I love picking my Songbells even though I still haven't managed to get the leatherworking patterns on my Paladin. I'm really struggling to do any significant DPS & she's as squishy as a marshmallow so getting the Golden Lotus dailies done is pretty hard work. I'd leave them & do them on my DK (when she gets to 90) to open up the August Celestials & Shado-Pan faction dailies but my Paladin needs the gear & the patterns so I keep grinding away at them. I did eventually manage to kill Cracklefang on my own though so maybe she's not that bad after all - it's just me!

I'm doing the Order of the Cloud Serpent dailies too - somehow they don't seem as difficult but maybe that's because I really really want a Cloud Serpent! One of the dailies involves Archaeology so off I went to do some digging. I never maxed it in Cataclysm as I got sidetracked (as usual!) so when I saw skill points popping up on my screen everytime I dug, I was pretty pleased with that change. Each new digsite now gives about 6 skill up points as well as points for completing an artifact. I was so close to 600 points when I finished the Cloud Serpent daily that I carried on for a while & eventually maxed that out.
Songbell Harvest
In the process, I managed to find a Pristine item which sent me off to see Brann Bronzebeard in the Library with Lorewalker Cho. I still need to get my head around the crated artifacts thing but when I do, I'll probably talk about it in a post! Ooooh! I also got my Fossilized Raptor mount so that's 117 mounts now too.

There is also a fishing based daily & a cooking based daily available with the Order of the Cloud Serpents so fishing was my next distraction. I just sat in the Arboretum area & fished for a while. I picked up Redbelly Mandarins, Golden Carp & Jade Lungfish - all of which I need for leveling my cooking so that was a bonus. My fishing skill at this point was about 550. Back to Halfhill to do the Tillers dailies, I managed to get to Best friend status with Tina Mudclaw. After putting a few more points onto my cooking Way of the Pot, I'd just about had enough of dailies!

After lunch, I decided to level my DK a bit more - finally got her to level 88 but even though she has loads of rested XP still, it really felt slow. I guess I just need to keep going - she needs to start her Cloud Serpent dailies to get the Jewelcrafting mount recipes. I really want those mounts - yes, all of them! It's one of the driving forces of my gold-making to be honest - I love my mounts even though I tend to use the same few across all my characters!

After hitting 88, I kind of lost my drive for leveling so I switched to Pet Battles! I'm using my Priest for these as she's just sitting on her fat butt in Stormwind most of the time. Finally got 3 pets to level 10 but I'm up to 171 unique pets now too - I spent ages in The Hinterlands trying for various pets I didn't have but the one that seemed like it was going to be the hardest to get - the Jade Oozeling - dropped straight away. I also picked up 2 rare quality pets too so that gave me another achievement!

Achievements, Sunday 4th November
Then late last night it was back to aimlessly fishing! At 550 skill points, it was the last one I needed on my paladin to completely max all her professions. Around 2.30am, I finally got it maxed & picked up a Flying Tiger Gourami Fish too. That gave me a quest to go see Nat Pagle so that was a nice bit of bonus rep I wasn't expecting. I also stumbled over the Turtle Beach area where the Wanderer's Festival happens on a Sunday evening. Unfortunately I missed it this week as I was busy mooching around everywhere else but I've added it to my calendar so I shouldn't miss it next week!

So yeah, I had a busy & quite productive day yesterday although it wasn't very organised at all! Funnily enough, Matt over at Arllan's AH Game blog did a post this morning about getting organised & having a routine - I think I really need one of those too! You can see by this post, I'm all over the place & this wasn't an unusual day - I'm always like this!


  1. You're welcome :) I was halfway through this one when I read your post - made me smile to compare the two approaches to time in WoW :)