Saturday, 3 November 2012

Early Version To-Do List

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With so many new things to do in Mists of Pandaria, I get a little overwhelmed at times so I thought a nice fresh to-do list might help. Then it all got a bit out of hand as I looked at my achievements so far and realised there's a whole load of Cataclysm stuff still left undone not to mention a fair few Wrath ones too!

So here's the list so far, in some semblance of order although not necessarily in priority order! Priority number 1 is to get my six 85's to level 90 - one is done, two are on their way but the rest of the list is subject to whim, time & how I feel at any particular time!

  • Get 6 level 90's at least ( got a level 62 druid & a 54 warlock who might make it this expac too) & maybe a monk - see how I feel!
  • Do Pandaren dungeons, normal & heroic at least - not going to worry about the 'special' tests, just completing the dungeon list will do me for now :)
  • Get all professions to max level (almost done, just need to level Warlock to get Engineering up too)
  • Pet Battles! - All of the achieves are on my hit list - these will get nibbled at as & when I need a break from serious killing or when I'm sitting around just chatting on skype.
  • Festivals - finish off Winter's Veil, Lunar Festival & Children's Week to get the Long Strange Trip & mount.
  • Reputations - pretty much all the Pandaren ones, goes without saying really but I also need to finish almost all the Cataclysm ones too - there's a few mounts there I haven't got yet! I'm at 38 Exalted reps overall so I've got a fair way to go yet.
  • Argent Tournament - I only need to champion two more cities to get the whole thing finished - will probably nibble away at these as I tackle some of the other more general achievements in Northrend
  • Under the Exploration tab are the two Rare Hunting achieves - Bloody Rare for Outland (7/20 so far) & Frostbitten for Northrend (cuurently 8/23).
  • Under the general tab, there's all sorts of miscellaneous achievements to aim for - /love various creatures, eat & drink various things as well as cooking up all the various foods for some of the cooking achieves - these are the ones I nibble at too - I periodically remember to /love things whilst out and about or go on a cooking spree.

So that's the main list but there's also a lot of pre-Mists content I've not even seen yet - not a single Cataclysm raid was entered so that means Firelands & Dragon Soul - I'll probably leave those until much later when everyone is bored of Mists & old content is being run or perhaps try the Openraid website. I still haven't finished Icecrown Citadel or Ulduar either yet but my excuse there is that I am a late Wrath baby & wasn't good enough at the time! There's even a few of the Vanilla & Outland raids I haven't seen! Oh dear, I was slacking wasn't I?

Of course, the other thing I haven't mentioned in all this is gold-making - that happens every day & comes naturally to me - unfortunately I do tend to get a bit focused on the Auction House which is perhaps why I have so many Achievements still to do out in the world!

Additions suggested by some Twitter friends - 'Glorious' (kill every rare in Pandaria) & Insane in the Membrane - I probably will be if I manage to tick this list off but yup, Insane added too :P

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