Friday, 2 November 2012

Reputations & Why I Grind Them

Reputations & Why I Grind Them
There are several reasons why I grind reputations at max level in World of Warcraft - for starters, it's something to aim for when I get bored in the Auction House but the most important driving force for me is usually the lure of another mount or pet!

There's also the obvious gold making potential of acquiring profession recipes ahead of as many other players as possible - the first supplier of those items can usually set the price (& often sky-high one too) but I've never been one to race through stuff so although I get the recipes, I'm usually behind the game on that one.

I did a post recently about what to do when I hit level 90 - looking at the various professions & where should I focus my gold making eyes but the main reason I did the research was to find out which mounts I could get my grubby little paws on through this expansion!

As soon as I dinged 90 after questing hard for about a week, I took a break from killing stuff & just flew around Pandaria. Not aimlessly though, oh no! I needed the Explore Pandaria achievement & whilst I was doing that, I also ticked off all the various scroll thingies that I had missed whilst leveling to work on my Lorewalkers reputation. There's a great set of comments on Wowhead to help you get all those scrolls especially if you have an add on that gives you co-ordinates. Yes, I know that's kind of cheating but hey, I got a long list of dailies to get through so a little time saved with co-ordinates is ok by me.

Here's my list so far
  • Lorewalkers - Flying Red Disc - done!
  • Order of the Cloud Serpent - Cloud Serpent, Cloud Serpent flying skill & access to Jewelcrafting mounts - started
  • Tillers - 3 x Goats - done!
  • Golden Lotus - 3 x Crane - started but struggling
  • Klaxxi - Amber Scorpion
  • Shado-Pan - 3 x Tigers
  • August Celestials - 2 x Cloud Serpent
  • Anglers - Azure Water Strider
So far, I've been doing dailies on my Paladin but it's very frustrating when I cannot keep her alive! I need to finish the Golden Lotus ones at least to get her Leatherworking recipes but my main focus now is my DK - get her to 90 & then blast through the other grinds!

I also need to go back & pick up all the Cataclysm mounts I can - once I get my DK a bit better geared, I've heard that I should be able to solo some of the Cataclysm dungeons so that should be a bit of an interesting departure for me! From hardly doing them at all to solo-ing them! I'm sure I'll have tales to tell here at least.

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