Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello There!

As if one blog isn't enough, I've decided to start another! When I started Auction House Addict, I only intended to write about goldmaking but over the last  two years, there have been times when I wanted to write about all the other stuff in World of Warcraft but I didn't because AH Addict is a gold blog after all. I felt (rightly or wrongly) that my readers probably weren't that interested in my other misadventures in game or just how much time I spend faffing around & not achieving much at all.

Why Another Blog?
But recently the writing bug has taken a better hold on me & I find the self imposed limits frustrating sometimes. Like many folks, I have multiple personalities across the internet and until this summer, I kept them all apart - thinking my arty friends wouldn't be interested in WoW & vice versa. I don't know if I thought wrong but what the heck, I want to write about more than just gold making so this blog will be my space for that - my own little corner of random rambling, general waffling & faffing in Azeroth.

What's With The Name?
I love dragons, always have & being a fairly keen mount collector in game, I have quite a few of them. It also speaks to me of freedom & fantasy - freedom from one genre of writing, freedom of speaking out if needs be & enjoying the fantasy world that is World of Warcraft.

There's also the female element - we are a minority in game after all & as an older female, I do notice things that perhaps others think nothing of. I'm no outspoken feminist so don't expect any rants or anything but perhaps my view will be different enough to spark an intelligent discussion here & there.

Starting Point
Currently I have only 1 level 90 with 2 alts leveling from 85. I also have 3 other alts at 85 & several lowbies who have stalled in various places around Eastern Kingdoms. My first love is my Paladin but I've been struggling to play her effectively since the beginning of Cataclysm. She's been my achievement queen for so long, it's hard to break the habit of struggling through to get the achieves on her but now that achievements are account wide, my DK is rapidly gaining more of my attention. I re-specced her to Blood spec just last week & have fallen in love with my new found power & general ability to stay alive in situations where my Paladin died multiple times just 2 weeks earlier!

The Plan
So this time around, I actually have a vague plan of action for this expansion - I AM going to do dungeons & maybe even be brave enough to try some raiding too. There's achievements to obtain, mounts galore & oh, did I mention that I'm loving the new Pet Battle stuff? Yup - I have to get them all - just like Blizzard knew we would. I hate being predictable though so I'm determined to just enjoy this expac - no pressuring myself to obtain certain specific goals or beating myself up because I'm a rubbish Paladin.

I'm not even sure where this blog will go - I'm just going to go with the flow & hope you'll join me on my wanderings.


  1. Lolling forward to hearing more about your non gold making adventures. Quick question, are you a fan of the Dragonriders of Pern series of books? It's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw your blog name and the picture you posted here.

    1. Hi Alice, thank you for leaving a cmment on my shiny new blog :) Yes, I'm a big fan of Dragonriders of Pern & all her other books too. I tried to use Lessa as my very first character name but it wouldn't let me so I adjusted it a bit :) I also have Moreta as a Holy Priest - seemed appropriate at the time :)

  2. Great new blog, Nev! I look forward to reading it too. I really appreciate what you mean about the compartmentalization of our online "lives". Goodreads for books, Pinterest for images, Twitter for various interest groups, blogs for this topic or that, sometimes it's hard to keep it all organized and not feel like multiple personalities, right?

    I love the sidebar with the recent posts, it's a lot more clickable, I think than just seeing the name of the blog, so I am going to check and see what Wordpress offers in that category. I still have a lot to do in the setup of my blog.

    Also, please feel free to add me in game if you'd like...goldslipper#1889...I am timid about doing group content, but my trusty two guildies and I occasionally do some content, and I am hoping to attempt more once my holy paladin is leveled, and it would be nice to be with other folks who are trying out group content for the first time!

    1. I'm glad you like the blogroll thingy :) I like the blogroll options on Blogger, I think that's what puts me off WP so often. I find a blog I like but it doesn't have all the nice gadgets I'm used to! lol

      As for adding you in game, I'd love to but I've deactivated my US account for now as my main EU a/c was nagging me to get my girls leveled! Only 4 more to get to 90 & I'll be back over there I'd guess :)