Thursday, 6 August 2015

World of Warcraft: Legion - New Expansion Announced Today

I missed the actual live announcement but I didn't really need it as my Twitter feed exploded with all the various bits of the new expansion that was announced today! At one point, I was seeing over 200 every 10 minutes so I gave up trying to read them all and just skimmed through.

So Blizzard have told us a fair bit of stuff that is planned for World of Warcraft; Legion but I can't honestly say I'm excited yet. I tend to get excited nearer release dates and for now, I just browse the news as it hits my Twitter feed and make notes of stuff to look into later.

They didn't give us much of a hint as to when it will be released but I did see mention of a beta later this year. My guess is that will happen at Blizzcon - after all, they will need to give the attendees something to make the trip worthwhile!

So my keynotes from the last few hours of Twitter reading include

  • Illidan's back (I'm no lore nerd so I have no idea where he went in the first place!)
  • We're going to be questing to level 110 in 6 new zones based on a region called the Broken Isles.
  • There's a new class called a demon hunter - only for elves though and it has only two specs - tank and DPS
  • The usual new dungeons and raids
  • New PvP system away from currency and honor points to an experience based system
  • New Artifact based weapons - one for each class & spec so 36 different ones in total. You'll have to go hunt down various bits to make a super-duper weapon by the looks of it.
  • Class specific Order Halls and followers - that sounds like garrisons but separated by class rather than location to me but I hope I'm very wrong on that. It could be a great way to learn or improve your class - rather like visiting class specific forums and websites but in-game instead
  • Improved transmogrification system - that will be a big hit I think - especially if they sort out the storage problem so many moggers have!
  • Instant level 100 boost with purchase of the expac - well, I still haven't used my free level 90 boost so that's probably not going to be a big selling point for me!
  • They are also planning on improving the social aspects of the game - that could be an important point for me - it's the social stuff that drew me into the game in the first place!
  • There's talk of a moose mount again - that would be fun but I think people are getting their hopes up on that one!
Not exactly the most enthusiastic write-up I'm afraid but it's been a long, hot day and I'm wiped! This is day 6 of my Blaugust posts and I bet I can guess what most of the others are blogging about today too!


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