Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Just a Quickie Today!

Blaugust Day 5 - Just a Quickie!

I left work full of good intentions to get some posts planned and some gaming done tonight but a bad accident on the main commuting route home meant I was stuck in traffic and was over an hour late getting home & then I had a lovely chat with my darling man. I was just just catching up on Twitter stuffs for the day when I got a chat request from Marcus and now it's 10 minutes until my fella gets off works and calls me again!

So I guess I'm not getting anything productive done tonight as it will be bedtime soon too! Jaedia asked how do you unwind at the end of the day in her post today. I think half my sleep problem is that I don't have a method to unwind. I usually spend the last half hour of my day on Skype with my man and as much as I love him, that's not always an unwind type of conversation!

It is nice to go to bed with his voice fresh in my mind though. I honestly can't wait for this damn visa process to be over. We've already had to wait almost three years so these last few months are really dragging. I'm keeping busy though and I have so much to do before my next trip that I'm sure the time will fly!

The whole packing up, sell everything & move to the USA is super exciting but scary too - I'm sure I'll be writing more about that this month as things start to move on the visa front but for now, it's business as usual at Casa Nev and Blaugust rolls on.


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