Sunday, 16 August 2015

One Minute Gaming #58 - Ninjevade

Ninjevade - About to Die!

This week I've been playing a fun little twitch game called Ninjevade. It's very simple but oh so frustrating - the Flappy Bird kind of frustrating that makes you want to throw your phone or ipad out of the window so be warned!

Your character is in the center of the screen and you can either deflect or jump. Ninjas attack you from left, right or both at the same time and you have to stay alive.

It's best to jump when the two ninjas appear at the same time but it is possible to deflect both if you are really lucky.

The scoring system is a basic 1 point for surviving each single attack and 2 points for jumping to avoid the double attacks. You get a yellow belt when you score 5 points and the green belt is at 20 points. I will assume it develops further as my high score is only 10 so I can't tell you for sure!

It's a fun little game and it was recommended to me by one of the guys at Gamer Nation Radio - he may be a little biased though as his son developed it!

I'd give it a 7 out of 10 - it's annoyingly fun but I'm about all out of twitches for these kinds of games now!

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So until next time - have fun!

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