Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Looking Forward to Blizzcon!

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Looking Forward to Blizzcon - Blaugust Day 12

I have to say, this year I am really looking forward to Blizzcon but unlike so many Blizzard fans, not because I watch it or am attending! No, this year, I have my hopes high that my visa process will be done and I will be in St Louis at last!

In 2013, there was a fan-organised Blizzcon event that I was looking forward to but real life events meant that my trip to St Louis that Fall was delayed so I couldn't attend the London event and meet loads of UK based WoW players. That made me a little sad but I was in St Louis with my man and Blizzcon weekend was my last weekend of that trip. I watched the countdowns to Blizzcon on my Twitter feed and hated all of them.

So this year, I'll be watching the countdowns and panicking all the way at the amount of stuff I still have to get organised! I haven't fully unpacked since moving into my apartment - there just isn't enough storage space here so it was easier to leave a lot of stuff boxed up and stacked in the closet. Now though, I pretty much have to sell everything I can so before I can start packing, I have to finish unpacking!

I have lists of stuff to sell, to throw and give away to friends and family. I also have a huge list of companies and organisations I need to notify and it's looking scarier by the day! It's going to be a challenge to wait another 3 months before seeing my man again but I'm going to be so busy, I'm sure the time will just disappear!

Wish me luck and if it goes quiet here, just look for the pile of boxes - I'll be in there somewhere!


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