Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Adventures in Skyforge Part 2

Skyforge Goddess
Adventures in Skyforge Part 2 - Blaugust Day 11

Yesterday I talked about the classes, the Ascension Atlas and other bits of Skyforge so today, I thought I'd tell you about combat and story details and questing.

The combat style in Skyforge is an active combat style. You have the usual 4 movement keys but you have to use the mouse for direction. Main spells are on keys 1-4 as well as keys Z, X, C & V with a couple of others in use too. I struggle with this type of layout as I don't have any muscle memory or agility in my fingers but I'm not doing too badly in Skyforge.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to play a tank class though! I can either move or fight whereas a tank needs to be up in the bosses face all the time, moving and fighting at the same time. I've chosen Kinetic as the first class to open up on the Ascension Atlas - I get to uproot trees and rocks to throw them with my mind powers which sounds really cool! I did think of trying for the berserker class - it was great fun to see a tall skinny girl wielding a massive sword like it was made of paper in the training area but realistically, I can't yet manage the combat style a melee class will require.

The storyline of Skyforge unlocks as you move through the quests - not in a prewritten quest text like WoW though. The premise is that on this world of Aelion, when some mortals die they become immortal - that will be your opening scene. There are higher ranked immortals and gods giving you your introduction to your new life and through them, you get involved in a storyline that has you chasing information all over the globe.

They are based in 3 or 4 hub areas - The Park, The Observatory, the Hall of Greatness and the Research Center. I haven't found any other areas like these yet so I don't know if there are more. The Observatory is the main quest hub/transport center. It has a huge virtual reality style globe which you use to jump to quest zones instantly.

There are several types of quest areas too - there are dungeon-like Squad areas designed for 1-3 players, open world areas for soloists although you can run with others and pvp arena style zones too. The open world zones are huge areas with multiple quests in them. You have to finish the whole area to get the good Sparks reward at the end but you do get rewards for each quest the first time through. If you go through again, you get different types of quest rewards and as you've opened up the transporters, it's much quicker to go through a second time!

Once I understand it myself, I'll try and explain the various currency systems as well as the followers - you are heading for godhood after all and all new gods need followers! But that probably won't be tomorrow's post - there's a lot of different stuff that is building up in my character tab and I have no idea what half of it does yet!



  1. Hate to burst your bubble, but the Kinetic is both Melee (sledgehammer) and Ranged (Stone Spear) and I often see Kinetics fighting alongside my tank on bosses.

    1. yeah I probably should have tried it out in the training area before heading to unlock it!