Thursday, 7 May 2015

Thank You, Ladies of my Twitter Feed

There's The Love!
I've been out and about a fair bit today so once I got home, I sat down with a big old mug of coffee and scrolled back to catch up on my Twitter feed. It's something I do regularly - every morning, I catch up with the overnight chat and when I'm working, it's Twitter that keeps me occupied in my lunch break too.

I love my Twitter feed - I've managed to miss most of the drama llamas and a few of the less than positive people I used to follow have stopped tweeting lately. It was the Twitter community around World of Warcraft that gave me an audience for my AHAddict blog and this one too. It was Twitter that led me to Cold (in a roundabout way) and that was one of the best things that's happened to me in years!

I also have a bunch of wonderful ladies on my Twitter feed - strong, opinionated, funny, outspoken, generous and kind. Some are going through the same long distance relationship journey as I am and some have their own problems but still stay positive on this public space. Some are just plain outrageous - in my slightly old-fashioned eyes anyway.

I will admit to a bit of a twitter crush on one or two of my wonderful ladies. I was brought up with the old adage 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything' so I struggle to be outspoken on stuff or really to voice any strong opinions but these ladies just say it & stand tall. They've learned to not give a shit what others think of them and to stay true to their beliefs and opinions. I still care what others think of me although as I get older, I find that I am worrying less about it. I'm still on my own journey after all.

I've known other women who gaze longingly at slim models and wish their own less-than-perfect body was like that - I don't do that very often, I just envy those women who seem to have it all worked out, the ones who seem to know where they are going and why. Oh don't get me wrong, I know they probably have their own secret doubts and fears too - they are only human after all but that inner strength still shines like a beacon to me

So my lovely strong, funny ladies - keep saying what you think or coming out with the most crazy stuff. There's a lot of us out here, reading your words and wishing we had the balls to stand up publicly like that and we admire you for your individuality and strength. You may not always feel you are strong but those of us who are quietly strong in the background, still stand by and look on, wishing we could be so forthright.

So if I favstar one of your tweets, please know that it resonated with me - either made me smile, giggle or nod my head in full agreement of your statement. I've been told I'm too nice for my own good sometimes but I'd rather be known for being nice than many other things!

(500 Word Challenge - day 7 word count 535)


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