Wednesday, 6 May 2015

One Minute Gaming - Help Request!

Deemo - One of my favorite game images
So if you've been hanging around here at all, you'll know I do a regular segment called One Minute Gaming. I play various free iOS games on my ipad and then record a one minute review.

Some of the games I've reviewed and didn't rate very highly, I find I am still playing and others that I rated highly on first few plays didn't last the distance. I'm currently hooked on Mini Warriors which Cold talked me into playing and Cooking Fever which someone on Twitter suggested for my segment. I just finished my 200th level on that one and I haven't bought gems yet!

There's also Clash of Clans keeping me occupied as well as a solitaire card game and a game called 1010 which I play when I'm chatting on Skype as it isn't timed or noisy.

Cold was wondering recently how many of the 49 games I've reviewed so far, do I still have on my iPad - well, I did a quick count and I currently have 22 different games on my iPad. I haven't reviewed all of those yet as I've just downloaded a few for the next three or four segments.

As for how many I had before I deleted a bunch to make room - well, let's just say my iPad was almost completely full so I had to delete a load of stuff including about 15 games that I had been playing occasionally. Overall, I'd guess about 26-30 of the games I have reviewed are either still on my iPad or have only recently been deleted!

I'm beginning to struggle to find games to review - yes, there are 1000's out there but so many are just plain awful and many are obvious clones of others, so it's becoming harder and harder to find a game that is either different or even vaguely good!

So, I'd like to ask for your help in finding new games to try out and review. Do you have a favorite that keeps you occupied or one that you play occasionally but don't want to delete off your phone or iPad?

You can leave a comment below or message me on Twitter @Nevahaddict and this time, I promise I'll keep a note of your name alongside the game you recommend unlike the Cooking Fever person - I wish I could remember who that was - their ears must be burning as I swear at them every time I lose another 30 minutes playing it!

I've also updated the page with all the games I've reviewed - if you need inspiration for a new game, you can check out my list and see if anything takes your fancy. There's a Soundcloud link in each post so you can either read the post or listen to it, whichever suits you best. I hope you are enjoying these One Minute Gaming segments - I know I really enjoy doing them and it's a great challenge to keep to about the one minute mark!

(500 Word Challenge - Day 6 word count  510)


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