Monday, 28 April 2014

X is for X-ray Art

Tulips by Coopr on deviantArt
Ok, so I guess most of us in this challenge are struggling a bit today - without 'cheating' and using Xmas or Xtreme or various other common abbreviations, it's taken me days to come up with this but I hope you'll think it's worth it!
Judy Stalus on

X-rays, in case you didn't know, are just an extreme end of the light spectrum and in its' widest sense, counts as photography. Radiation aside, a huge variety of objects can be photographed this way and then , if you want to, treated or colorised in Photoshop to make a beautiful, intricate and often fascinating piece of art.

Obviously this is a very specialised field and the equipment, training and safety aspects make it beyond most of us normal photographers.

I've found a few of my favorite images to show you though - some are x-ray like rather than actual x-rays but it just shows what a little ingenuity can do and still make beautiful art! There's even calendars available with lots of them in one place. There are only a few practicing xray photographers so it's still a very unusual field.


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