Tuesday, 8 April 2014

G is for Greek Islands

Yacht at dusk, Keri Beach, Zante
I've been lucky enough over the years to travel a fair bit around Europe and so far have visited 3 of the Greek Islands, Kos, Rhodes and Zante. Sadly I was ill for much of the Rhodes holiday and it was so long ago, I don't have any digital photos.

Kos was a wonderful trip and although it was pre-digital camera, I do have a few images from that trip but they are faded and tatty now. I had a leak in the attic where all my old photos were stored so I lost many memories that day, especially as I didn't know about the leak straight away.

Zante however, is a different story! I was fully into my photography by then and have splashed out on a full digital SLR set-up. My images from Zante are some of my best sellers on various sites and this one in particular always gets the same comment!

Can you guess what almost every person says when seeing this picture for the first time?

'ooh, that looks like it's floating!'

I always laugh and say it is a boat after all but then they flounder & fluff, trying to explain what they mean. It makes me smile every single time.

That water was crystal clear and this is only one of many great shots I took that day. I even went for a paddle later in the afternoon but I soon regretted it - it was icy cold to the point of my toes being numb within just a few minutes! Considering the air temperature was almost 80F (27C), I never expected it to be quite so cold!

You can see lots more of my Zante images over at my Squidoo page where I wrote an article about Places to Visit on Zante which is just one of my travel related photography articles. I also write other articles there when the urge strikes me - it doesn't earn me a lot these days but I did quite well there to start with.


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  1. The Greek islands are definitely on my bucket list. Beautiful photography.

  2. Oh this place goes on my bucket list for sure. Actually Europe should be my next vacation.