Wednesday, 2 April 2014

B is for Blogging

Curious Kitty (© Nev 2008)
I guess picking Blogging for my B topic is kind of lame but it does take a lot of my time and energy on occasions and is one of the addictions I was thinking of writing about yesterday! Currently I have 2 active blogs, this one and my WoW gold making blog Auction House Addict but I also have an old photography blog which I want to re-boot this year over at Helen Shorey Photography and a joint one, Gifts For Gamers And Geeks which started well but we got blindsided by Google so it's faltered a bit.

There's also a food related blog on my list which is a folder full of draft posts at the moment, just waiting for me to get my photography going again and ideas for at least 2 more. I also have about 10 other blog names reserved, all linked on a theme but different too. Will I ever get those off the ground? Who knows! I'm great at ideas, just not so good on following through though.

I started blogging back in 2006 when I first got hooked by photography and joined Etsy. The community and forums at Etsy encouraged me to try blogging and it was those same people who got me on to Flickr, Twitter, Stumbleupon and various other sites! I have abandoned that old Etsy related blog but I brought many of the posts into the newer photography blog - why waste all that work after all!

The blogging community around World of Warcraft is another huge community - you can see from my tiny blogroll that I haven't even started to get really involved here yet but many of those bloggers are on my Twitter feed now so I read posts from there & forget to add them to the list!

This blog was started as a sideline to the main Auction House Addict - I felt my gold making readers probably didn't want all my randomness delivered directly to their mailboxes when they signed up for gold making advice, so my blog roll over there is a much more focused selection. What I do find here though is the freedom to write about almost any subject although I still censor myself quite a bit - it's just not in my nature to rant about stuff in public, no matter how ranty I feel.

There's also a lot of personal stuff I don't share here although I do have the urge to write it all down sometimes - maybe I should start an anonymous blog & just get it out of my system! Or maybe not, I think I have enough blogs on my horizon already, don't you?


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  1. Good luck on the A to Z challenge - I too am having a go and it is inspiring visiting other people's blogs that you normally wouldn't. I was obsessed with dragons during my teenage years so your name drew me here. Come visit me at if you have time.