Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A is for Alphabet Challenge!

You may have noticed a new badge in the sidebar a few days ago - I decided I need a topic push so when I stumbled into the A to Z Challenge, I thought I'd give it a go. Now there are a whole bunch of other blogs over there already signed up as the site has been open for this year's challenge for a while now. If you're looking for a wider variety of blogs to peruse, check out the participants list - there's almost 2000 to choose from!

The idea of the challenge is to produce blog posts based on the letter for the day through the alphabet through the month of April, excluding Sundays. This is going to be a tough challenge for me - I've never been one to post every day but I've built a list of words/topics over the weekend & now I just have to sit down & write!

I'm already well into this post & I haven't even started my planned topic but I just noticed that A-Z Challenge itself counts for A - should I talk about this more or get on with it? Hmmm! One of the guidelines and/or suggestions is to keep the posts fairly short so I guess I'll cheat a little on the first day.

Strangely enough, I have a draft in my Auction House Addict (my other blog for any new readers who may stumble in here) post folder which is alphabet related - I was jotting down ideas whilst I was Stateside. I don't think I'll be doing the challenge on both blogs though - that would be too stressful & I'm sure my writing would suffer.

Up until now, this blog has been mainly gaming related with a little bit of real life stuff creeping in - this challenge is going to help me widen my topics but I still plan on being mainly gaming focused, especially as there are so many new games entering the market right now. I'm still playing World of Warcraft, albeit very intermittantly and I've just purchased the pre-order for Wildstar. In between waiting for Warlords of Draenor and the weekend beta events in Wildstar, I've also been dabbling with League of Legends so I should have plenty to write about - I just have to find the time!

Oh and just in case you were wondering - my planned topic was Addiction! yeah, I think playing 3 time consuming games and doing the free iPad game review segment counts as addiction and pretty much speaks for itself!

I have managed to give up smoking though so that's one less addiction on my list!


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