Sunday, 8 September 2013

Post Patch Blues? Fight It Before They Start!

With patch 5.4 landing next week, I'm really spending a lot of time in game right now but it's almost all focused on gold-making, crafting & being ready for the endless possibilities that a new patch brings. I've posted my to-do lists here before - usually just a few things I want to achieve that week and sometimes I actually manage to cross a few things off those lists!

Patch 5.4 is also bringing a whole new island for us to play in but from what I've been reading, you really need to be fairly well geared to survive there. As my Paladin is my only alt even vaguely geared enough for the first level of LFR, I'm guessing I have a lot of work to do before I can even set foot on this new Timeless Isle so I was thinking what else I could be doing once the Auction House patch furor has died down.

That's when my mega long to-do list was born! Towards the end of Wrath, so much had changed in game for me, I could happily have waited another 6 months for Cataclysm to arrive, I was that busy adapting & still learning the game. I had only been playing for about a year at that point though so much was still fresh & shiny new to me.

In the last months of Cataclysm, more changes were happening for me and again, I could happily have waited a few more months for Mists to arrive. See, that's what happens when you don't raid every week - you have time to do all the other stuff in game and you don't have to see the same boss every week for hours on end until you beat him! Of course, I do actually miss the old raid group even though things went nasty towards the end. We had some really good times as a group and I still wonder if they are ok or are they even still playing.

So where I am now in Mists is a kind of limbo - most of my guildies have wandered off and the rate that new content has been released has me beat! There is just so much stuff I haven't done yet, I kind of don't know where to start so I don't do any of it - I just fall back into crafting, farming & auction house lurking! Getting a proper job for the first time since I started playing has also cut down my play time & between adapting my sleeping patterns back to 'normal' hours & doing everything in the now limited spare time, I find myself faffing around even more!

I've decided to make myself a long, long to-do list for the rest of this expansion - the buzz is that this will be the last patch so we could have a whole year before the new expansion which hasn't even been officially announced yet! I'm going to make my to-do list a separate page & put a tab up the top there - I'll be adding to it as I see or think of things I want to achieve or as people suggest things too. That way, I'll have a kind of suggestion list for what to do when I'm a bit bored - nibble away at this achievement or that Reputation grind. I find lists very motivating as long as most of the items don't have a deadline - even at work, I make lists all the time - something my new boss appreciates as she is a list maker too!

How do you keep yourself interested in playing? Do you have lists of things you want to do? Let us know in the comments :)


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  1. I've always found new things to do in game so I've never actually found myself losing interest. I've played the game constantly since it was still in beta testing and have never hit a burnout. Perhaps I am interested in too many areas of the game? I love playing with the AH, I am rather fanatical about collecting pets and I also raid. I can always think of another achievement I wanted but haven't done or a new pet to go find, so its hard for me to get bored.
    I do use lists though. I have troubles remembering things and concetrating so I even use an addon in game to keep track of the things I need to do and check them off as I go.

    1. I think half my problem is not so much boredom as missing how it was in guild when I first started. I've never found a guild or been able to build a guild like it so I spend way too much time alone.

  2. I wish You'd move to ED with me. I've been so much happier since I moved there and found myself a nice guild.

    I think for me dropping gold making for a while has re-sparked my interest in the rest of the game. For a while it was my main focus, crafting, posting, gathering, research was pretty much all I did from logging in to logging out for a while. Recently since I moved server I lost all of my crafters and I'm now limited to just two as I don't really see the point in continuing to make gold on CoA as there was never anything to buy anyway!

    I'm not saying drop it forever, I still dip my toe in and I do still check the Ah every day for ore and leather which I buy when cheap =P but maybe after the patch settles down take a bit of a break from it and just focus on your characters and enjoying your play time again? Try to reconnect with them or connect with them for the first time not just as crafters but as actual characters and classes?


    1. Yeah I think you're right hon - I retreated to gold making when I was hurting & it's my coccoon now. As you can see by my nice shiny new to-do list - I am planning on being more active though :)