Friday, 19 July 2013

What A Week!

It all started last Sunday evening with the heat finally getting to me & stopping me from sleeping very much. Throw in some emotional self-bullying and I woke up Monday morning like a bear with a sore head! I had a dentist appointment lunchtime so luckily I didn't have to go to work until later but with the mood I was in, I emailed my boss and asked if I could just make up the time on Friday.

I have a nice boss & she said that was fine so I moped around a bit longer then headed into town to do some stuff before heading for the dentists. I have a prescription that needs filling so off I went to the chemist (pharmacy for my US readers) but there was a 20 minute wait & I didn't have time. Finally got to the dentist, only to find that I had got my weeks muddled & my appointment is next week!

Off I trundled to another chemist nearby & dug around in my handbag but I couldn't find my prescription! I'd only gone & left it in the car! Dragged myself back to the car park, got my prescription & back to the chemist I went. Oh deep joy! Another 10 minute wait only to be told that they were waiting for a delivery so I'd have to come back later.

I almost lost my temper at that point - not with anyone in particular, just lack of sleep & a very hot day driving me crazy so I headed off home & decided to have a nap. Three hours later, I finally woke up with a splitting headache which kind of finished off the day nicely for me!

You can imagine how well Tuesday went after that but to make matters worse, my drivers side front window decided to jam wide open on the way home. The electric motor was making horrible grindy noises so I left it alone & got my ex to come & have a look at it. I thought maybe some brute strength would at least get it closed so it could be secured overnight but even that failed this time. Plastic bag & tape was my only protection from car thieves that night.

Luckily, I work next door to a garage/repair shop so I dropped in there Wednesday morning. They promised to get the glass back into position & secured at least but would call me with a quote before they spent too much time on it. Somehow I got through Wednesday at work & headed back to the garage to find out the news - £180 for parts & labour but the Parts company could deliver the next day. Window taped firmly closed, I headed home, relieved that at least it would be fixed tomorrow.

Bearing in mind that the UK is having a heatwave at the moment, driving with the window closed isn't much fun! But I felt better knowing it would be fixed on Thursday so I dropped the car off before work & headed in. Thursday wasn't a bad day at work - the boss was off & the whole atmosphere was more relaxed for some reason. I think the heat is getting to everyone & sapping any energy we have for being stressed!

Back to the garage Thursday evening, only to find that the Parts company hadn't delivered the new wondow motor until late in the afternoon so now it would be Friday before they could fix it! Arrrghhh! Another hot drive home & the idiots were out in full force. One flat bed truck flew past me and as I was swearing at him for being a maniac, a stone flew off the back of the truck & hit my windscreen. I was lucky it didn't smash but the chip is about the size of a 10p (just smaller than a quarter) and is right in my line of vision. That means I can't just get it repaired, I have to have a new windscreen.

So today (Friday) I dropped the car at the garage again and after having a little chat with the front desk guy, told them to just have a quick look to see if they could work out why it's been running so rough lately. He'd mentioned it yesterday evening when I picked the car up. Anyway, my phone rang lunchtime & I thought they wanted me to pop over to pay & pick up my car. Nope! Still no luck - the Parts company had delivered the wrong motor!

So now I have to get through the weekend with a taped shut window, a big chip in the windscreen & it's still running rough too! The good news on that though is that it will only cost me yet another £180 to get the engine fixed. I have no idea how much a new windscreen will be & I can't find my insurance policy booklet to see if I'm covered.

I think all this is my car's revenge as I was looking at car adverts over the weekend, just thinking about getting a new one when my house finally sells. If I have to spend almost £500 to keep it on the road now, I may as well keep it - the rest of the car is in very good condition & I do like driving it so as long as nothing else craps out on me, I should be ok for another year or so at least!

Keep your fingers crossed please! I can't afford any more stuff breaking! lol


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