Sunday, 14 July 2013

Magic The Gathering - Yet Another Addiction!

Every girl needs a Dragon friend!

It's no surprise that my WoW time has been suffering lately - first I dipped into Neverwinter, then I discovered Pet Battles in WoW & now that I finally have an iPad, I've been tempted to try Magic the Gathering, thanks to the influence of my friend Cold! The poor guy has been working super heavy overtime for the last few weeks & fielding so many noob MtG questions from me, he's finally decided to start a blog called Magic The Gathering Helper! I can't wait to read more posts about it as I'm quickly getting rather frustrated with losing so often and I'm sure his posts will show me where I'm going wrong! I've only managed to open 1 new deck & about 6 new cards so far and it's driving me crazy!

It's been a busy week on Twitter too - my favorite Clown, WowProfitz has added a WoW blog directory to his site. Called the 2013 Bloggers Ultimate Directory, he's adding any genre of WoW blogs to it so if you fancy reading something different, pop over and see what takes your fancy! If you have your own WoW blog that's not included yet, you can tweet him @wowprofitz but all the info you need is in his post Introducing The Bloggers Ultimate Directory. I'm sure he would be very pleased to hear from you about your own blog or any others that you care to recommend :)

Also happening this week was the 2nd Cold's Gold Blogging carnival hosted by Selltacular - the topic this month was a random idea of mine that I sent through to him which is kinda cool. If you'd like to know what the gold bloggers think about 'What makes a good gold maker?' you can find all the carnival post entries on his blog Copper to Gold.

And last but not least, the return of Stede to the gold making blogosphere! Stede was one of the very first few commenters on my own Auction House Addict blog over 2 years ago. His old blog was always one of my favorites to read at that time & although he has never really been away from gold making, being an active member of The Consortium and a cohost on Call To Auction podcast, he's also started a new blog this week! He's called it Late Night With Stede and already has a mini podcast episode up too! I'm really looking forward to what else he may have planned for this new blog.

So lots of new things to see & read this week and all from people on my Twitter feed - I told you Twitter was busy! There has been loads of other stuff going on, blog posts I retweet from other friends and I apologise to those who I wasn't able to include here but my blog roll has lots of new posts in it too so go check them out if you have time!


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  1. Nice post Nev. Too bad I can't play MTG since I use a iMac. :/ I remember playing the card game way back when it first came out. Those cards these days are selling for several hundreds...if only I knew!