Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Perfect Day

My Perfect Day - Blaugust Day 19

Today we have another writing prompt - My Perfect Day - from Ariellalphabet at Comics and Cookies blog. This one was actually quite hard to do as there are so many little bits that would add up to my perfect day. I'd have to suspend laws of distance and time to actually achieve a perfect day so I guess it's more a list of perfect moments than any real possibility!

I'd start my day by waking up with the furry face of his cat in my face, even including the fishy breath. I've never had a cat before, I've always been a dog person but there's something comforting about waking up with a cat snuggled close to you or being woken up by purring & whiskers tickling your nose.

If the cat woke me at a reasonable time, I'd gently wake him up with a kiss & mumbled good morning. I'm not that good at mornings usually but I can make coffee on autopilot so I'd stumble to the kitchen so we can have coffee in bed, catching up on our twitters together - showing each other funny things to start the day with smiles.

In this day & age, the cellphone or ipad is everywhere so you may as well accept it. I'm just as bad as he is for grabbing my phone first thing - it kind of eases me into the day. Besides, I have several games that need logging into daily for bonuses so I kind of have to, you know? lol

After a couple of coffees, we'll probably be awake enough to think of food which is when I drag him to the Diner. It's just across the street and I've made friends with many of the staff there so it's my favorite place but he eats there regularly when I'm not around so tends to get bored of it a bit. This is my perfect day though so Diner breakfast it is!

If it's the weekend, we'll head back to the apartment and settle down in the computer room - he'll start making a mix and I'll be on my iPad just enjoying the music & watching him really get into his mixing. I love to watch him so absorbed in his music - I've never found a passion quite like he has for music so it fascinates me and I just love watching him when he doesn't realise it too! I'll take any chance I get to ogle my man after all!

Now this is where I'd ask Scottie to beam me up - I'd grab my scuba gear and head out for a lazy, tropical water dive. Just being under the crystal clear waters of the Maldives soothes the soul and with my trusty (make believe) underwater camera gear, I could easily lose hours if my air tank would last that long! The marine life is amazing even now although I would love to have seen it before the coral bleaching that happened back in 1998 and has hit again since.

Back to St Louis and time for a nana nap before our evening meal. My favorite place is Pappy's Smokehouse, the ribs are to die for but there are so many great places to eat, I'd chose somewhere we've never been before. We both love trying out new restaurants and finding a new favorite. A couple of cocktails with our meal and I'm ready for more music and lots of dancing!

Sadly, St Louis doesn't attract the really big names in EDM music but there are some great gigs happening more often now. Luckily there's a nightclub within walking distance of our apartment so for my perfect day, there'd be a big name DJ there and we'd dance until the early hours of the morning. Now you know why I needed a nana nap after my dive!

A long slow, slightly drunken walk home and drop into bed together would be the perfect end to my perfect day. Snuggled up with my man, I'd fall into an exhausted but happy sleep and look forward to doing it all again tomorrow. Sweet dreams xoxo



  1. I have only one response to this:
    d'aaaaaawwwww :)

    1. Yeah, can you tell I'm besotted with him? lol