Sunday, 9 August 2015

Get Organised with Trello

Blaugust Day 9 - Introducing Trello

This week, I've just started using a new organisational tool called Trello. I'm still getting used to what it can do and how I can use it but my first impression is that it could be really useful to get my stuff arranged all in one place. Of course, it could also turn into a nice shiny toy to play at getting organised with. It's going to take some thinking and setting up to make it practical so that is yet more time when I won't be doing the stuff on my list!

I'm thinking of it as a giant whiteboard where I can stick my post-it notes and move them around as I need to. However, that's not how I currently work my to-do list so it's not as easy as just transferring stuff to Trello!

Trello can also do much more than just be a giant to-do list. You can invite other Trello users to a board where you can both add, arrange and edit the cards on a project. We used it for the first time this week to organise our show notes for the Journal of Marcus Ty episode 46 and it made it really easy to get our thoughts straight and in show order too.

It was Marcus that introduced me to Trello and we'll be using it for show notes going forward. I'll be able to add a card for any interesting bits of news I find in between shows and make notes for my week in WoW section too. As we record every two weeks, I sometimes forget the good stuff that happens just after a show by the time we get to the next show!

I've also started a board for each of my blogs - to pin post ideas, good articles and links and any other blog-related stuff. I definitely foresee a distinct reduction in bits of paper floating around my desk which should also help me remember stuff as I won't be losing the bit of paper I jotted it down on! I'll be using it straightaway for my Blaugust planning too!

You should be able to click the picture to get a much larger version if you'd like to read the welcome screen :)

Have you used Trello or something like it? What do you think?


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  1. Hmmmm... Synchronicity. I've been checking out articles about Evernote, but I remain dubious because I am far too wedded to a) disorganisation and b) paper. I'm going to have to get with the program sometime... I just wish all these digital tools had room for scrawled post-it notes...