Sunday, 10 May 2015

Return To Stormwind - Again!

After writing my post the other day about my feelings for World of Warcraft, I realised that I was being silly by not using some of my stash of gold to buy a token. Ok, so yeah, maybe it is twice the price in gold of the US realms but then I have so much gold, even buying 6 or 12 months gold tokens isn't going to dent my gold balance.

I haven't been feeling the pull to play like I used to but I do sometimes wish I could just pop in for half an hour here and there so now I can and guilt free too! So yesterday, I patched my World of Warcraft, updated all my addons and resubbed for 6 months with gold tokens. I didn't get the best deal because what's a couple of thousand gold here and there huh?

I spent a happy hour or so, doing my garrison stuff on the three alts I've got to Draenor and then I went hunting for my heirlooms to fill that tab up. I'm pretty sure I've lost a bunch of heirlooms somewhere - probably in the mail as I'm terrible for just leaving stuff in the mail system!

I know I had a full set of plate heirlooms but I couldn't find them anywhere - even using altoholic to search alts on other realms. But it's not a huge problem - again, I have so much gold just sitting around, I can easily buy all the ones I might ever need from the Guild vendor.

I can't remember if that's all of them though. I've forgotten so many little details like that. Not only have I not played any length of time since last summer but I haven't leveled a new alt since well before then either.

I head out to the States this week so I don't know if I'll be able to play much for the next three weeks either but it felt good to be back for a little visit at least! It was sad to see the state of my guild though - only one guy still playing by the looks of it but he was always my favorite guildie anyway so I sent him a little note in the mail to say hello!

I think gold making might have to take a back seat for a while - I never did get my head around all the garrison options and I barely even know what the names of all the herbs and crafting materials are, let alone how to make best use of them.

So my first goal is to get my Paladin main to level 100 - she's almost level 94 now so she has a long way to go yet. I might even update my Zygor leveling guide to get there quicker! After that, I don't know - maybe I'll focus on her Leatherworking and see if I can understand all the profession changes or perhaps I'll level my Hunter. I don't know - I think I'm just going to take it easy, pop in when I feel the urge and see where I end up.

It did feel good though - there's so many new things popping up in real life to learn and deal with, WoW was like slipping on an old comfy pair of slippers at the end of a long day!

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